Our Methodology

Why  Us?


  • We have unbeatable Champs in the World of Education!
  • We make Education an Enjoyable, Fun learning, Memorable, Experience.
  • No tutorial in the world can boast of 100% Effort put by Teachers for every student100% Effort by Students and 100% Achievement of Target for every student.
  • We have Delivered High Performance Targets with Perfection for years.
  • The speed of Learning and Understanding for every child is different.
  • Different strokes for different folks that’s the game of Education.
  • Every Child has to be taught according to the learning cycle and their concentration abilities.
  • The object of Perfect Education is to educate each child according to the Characteristics, Ability, DNA, and Capability & Desire of each child to Create Power Kids in the world.
  • We are Personal Performance Trainers.
  • We take only 4 Kids in a Batch with Camera monitoring.
  • We have Unlimited Hours of study to achieve our Targets with Perfection.
  • Parents can Monitor their Kids on mobile.
  • All our Kids are Toppers in School.
  • We have a Homely Environment to make the child feel comfortable.
  • We reward our kids daily with unlimited Delicious Food and Beverages in the house.
  • We create The Desire to become Champs through Goal Visualization.
  • We work on the Motor skills of the child.
  • We work on the Memory and Retention skills.
  • We Master Concentration with Meditation.
  • We teach various Concentration Exercises for faster learning of every page.
  • We work on Building the Logic Tree in the child’s system of understanding the subject.
  • Children have to Master the Subject and Teach back with Perfection on camera.
  • Children have to correct sample papers filled with mistakes and point out all errors like a game to Improve on Observation skills.
  • We teach Parents Meditation and Goal Visualization to make them more Positive and effective in life.
  • We teach our kids 2-3 standards higher in core subject like Math’s & English to increase the confidence for mastery on the subjects.
  • We make all our kids participate in all Competitive Exams to show case them as Rank holders. 
  • We are masters in Mind and Matter and go to the Root cause of Poor Performance in Exams
  • We work on the Psychological Part of the mind to create Positive Attitude in life.
  • We work on the Fears and Phobias of subjects to understand the Root cause.
  • We work on improving the Emotional Quotient of the child.
  • Free Orientation Session on   Vipassana Meditation, Goal Visualization, Positive thinking.
  • Quality Time & Effort gives a Quality Result.
  • Call us @ 9833413084 to help you to create a Happy Winning Child
  • Landline Thane 022 61857761

 We are In the process of opening NASA Space Camps and schools in Mumbai &  Thane 


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