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What is Anapana Meditation?


•It is the first step in the practice of Vipassana Meditation.
•It is a Mental Training to strengthen the mind positively.
•The ideal time to begin the first steps of mental training is childhood.
•The Anapana Course helps children in developing an Inner strength that helps them to choose right and appropriate actions over wrong actions.
•Anapana is a simple & practical way to achieve mastery over the mind and lead a happy, wholesome life.


How to Learn Anapana Meditation?


Learn & practice Anapana Meditation by focusing attention on the breath as it comes in and goes out naturally.
The course concludes with the practice of Metta-Bhavna (loving kindness or goodwill towards all) in which peace and happiness gained during the course is shared with all beings.


Why to observe Breath?


Observation of breath is the ideal object for the meditation because it is always available, non-sectarian, truth pertaining to the self and closely related with the mind.
Anapana is very different from techniques based on artificial regulation of the breath.  There are no rites and rituals involved in the practice or presentation of Anapana.


Benefits of practicing Anapana:


Regular practice of Anapana Meditation for 10 – 15 minutes twice a day (morning and evening) will give following benefits.

•Concentration of mind increases
•Awareness and alertness of the mind  improves
•One gains mastery over the mind
•Memory  becomes very sharp
•Decision-making  power improves
•Self-confidence increases, agitation, fear, tension, nervousness and stress decreases
•Capacity to work increases
•Better performance in studies, sports & extra-curricular activities.
•Ability to understand and express increases
•Mind becomes healthy, wholesome and strong
•One becomes full of good wishes for others

Anapana provides a tool to deal with the fears, anxieties and pressures of childhood and adolescence. Children by practicing Anapana regularly, experience peace and calmness of the mind. They experience improvement in their concentration, confidence, ability of understanding and expressing things. The mind becomes healthy and wholesome with good wishes for all.


Daily Practice – It is essential that the children be given an opportunity to practice Anapana for a short period each day after the course to get the true benefits of the technique.


Guideline to play Ananapana Sessions:


It is highly recommended that these sessions should be played by a person that has successfully completed at least One 10-day course of Vipassana Meditation.

•All sessions must be played to Children otherwise they will not be able to understand right way to practice as well as not be motivated.
•The place should be peaceful, without any disturbances.
•Children can be sat the way they they do not touch each other.
•Start with the session “Starting Anapana Session” and then “Practice Session_1”, then Practice Session_2” and finally “Ending Session”. Ten Minutes Daily Practice session is to help the child in daily practice.
•Gap of few minutes can be given after each session.
•It should not be combined with any other activity simultaneously.
•To participate in regular Anapana Courses will be more beneficial for Children

Please note that there should be no charge whatsoever for attending a Anapana session.


Information about Regular Anapana Courses:


•Anapana courses are held regularly at some permanent Vipassana centers and rented sites in different countries for the Children between 8 to 16 years.
•Generally separate courses are organized for age groups 8 to 12 years and 13 to 16 years.
•The courses are of different durations .There are Residential Courses for 2 or 3 days and non-residential courses for 1 or 2 days.
•Each course is divided into small sessions of 30-45 minutes each of practice and theory with more emphasis on the practice of the technique.
•Anapana courses are also being conducted at various Institutions namely,  Schools, Orphan Homes, Blind Homes, Juvenile Homes, etc. at their request and subject to certain formalities, for the benefit of their children.
•Further details can be obtained at Children’s Courses Website:


Anapana For Children Audio



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