Two Easy Steps to Bring Mindfulness to Your School

Two Easy Steps to Bring Mindfulness to Your School

We offer a two-step approach to getting mindfulness at your school.
Both steps are online courses, so they are available to schools around the world.

We recommend that as many interested educators as possible from your school take these inexpensive trainings, as the expertise they gain will help transform children, and the school climate, year after year with no additional cost. Often it can be helpful to send a small number of staff through our courses so they can report back about their experience.

Step 1: Learn Mindfulness

School staff take Mindfulness Fundamentals (6-Week Online Course)

  • Embodying mindfulness is critical for teaching it effectively
  • Help staff with their own self-care
  • Reduce stress, increase patience and coping skills
  • Cultivate empathy and strengthen relationships

Step 2: Learn How to Teach Mindfulness to Children

School staff take our Curriculum Training (12-Hour Online Course)

  • Learn proven techniques used with over 50,000 students to improve behavior
  • Instructors with extensive experience teaching mindfulness in classrooms
  • Demonstrations and practice teaching mindfulness
  • A plan for integrating mindfulness to help with classroom management

For additional customized school training after taking Steps 1 and 2, please contact us.

How Much Does It Cost?
  • Mindfulness Fundamentals costs $125 per participant.
  • Our Curriculum Training costs $450 per participant (assuming early registration).
  • Mindfulness training helps staff and children in future years at no extra cost.
  • If you have 5 or more people participating in either class, please to receive a 10% group discount.

Funding Options

Every school faces different challenges, but here are some options that may merit consideration.

  • Parent Teacher Association (PTA): Many school PTAs have funded mindfulness training.
  • Enthusiastic Parent: One parent may wish to adopt several teachers or the entire school.
  • Mindful Schools Scholarship: Apply for a need-based scholarship from us.

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