HAPPY LEARNING CENTER –Our Mission is to create Future Entrepreneurs. We are Ambassadors for Space Mission India for Moon Mission program 2020.We run a High Performance Premium Tutorialin Thane (Maharashtra, India). We are also partners with Biz sparks Microsoft. You check our ppt on Teachers Training We teach 4 kids in a batch in a memorisable format using Multiple Intelligence Methodology of Learning. We are Personal Performance trainers delivering Excellence, Brilliance and Perfection in Education. We make Education a fun-learning and memorable experience.  We sharpen kid’s minds with Meditation then we make them goal oriented through goal visualization sessions which improve the Emotional IQ. This maximizes the inner potential of each child for higher performance. Our Total Quality Management Team does an in-depth analysis of the teaching methodology based on multiple intelligence. Weanalyze the child’s behavior and learning patterns through Camera recordings to give effective feedback to Parents, Kids, Teachers and HLC management. Our kids needa systematic revision based on their memory cycles at home. Children perform poorly in school because they don’t ask questions in class, fearing ridicule. We have Teach back sessions for every kid on Camera to ensure perfect mastery of subject before it is taught in school. We ensure that our kids have a superior feeling when the subject is being taught in school. We teach 1-2 standards higher in core subjects like English,Grammar and Mathematics which helps our kids to become high performers in school and get good ranks in Olympiad Exams. Parents give 100% Fees and our Teachers put 100% effort at the pace of the child’s learning capability to get 100% results from them. Parentswho want to give the best education to their children are spending about Rs 400 per day on travelling for tuition’s from far off places. They are ready to follow our strict guidelines and terms for our service delivery.

Looking at the huge demand for high quality premium tuitions we have decided to go for teacher’s entrepreneurship for Tutorial franchise where we give marketing and Training support to earn 1-2 lacs income per month.

We are in the process of starting STEM Education (STEM- Science, Technology, and Engineering& Math’s) through Space Exploration Mission Schools in 2017 to promote invention, innovation and scientific creativity in kids through patents and copyrights.

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We are the harbingers of Gurukul education which starts in India and spreads worldwide. Vipassana Meditation is our core education methodology to create awareness of the mind and matter. I thank my revered Teachers under SN Goenka who taught me meditation in Sept 1997 which lead me to walk on the path on enlightenment. I could see a definite purpose in life and attended more than 55 courses in Vipassana and motivated more than 18,967 people to do a ten day course in the last 20 years of social work. I spent time reading the scriptures to understand the importance of Gurukul Education in life.

Today we are on a mission to spread the real education of the mind which was lost many years ago. We train our teachers to be powerful educators who are the best motivators and create greatperformers in life. This comes through the infinite powers of the mind!

We Teach Vipassana meditation to sharpen thekids’ minds. Our mind has to live in the present to have information recorded in our memory to reproduce the same in the Exam. If our mind is running in past and future then, there will no recording in the mind. We cannot recollect what we see or hear.

Most of the problems that kids face can be solved through meditation.

Example: Poor concentration, Spellings, Poor Self- esteem,Depression,Afraid of speaking, shyness,introvert,No goals in life, Behavioral problems etc.

Standard Operating Procedure:


We are a High Performance Premium Education Center. We offer the highest standard of education imparted in the world. All staff and teachers should wear Uniform specified by the organization as formal business attire and look presentable while doing business. We are a high profile Education center catering to the upper class segment in the society.

Meditation: The  core essence of our teaching. ThePillars of the mind

Please visit the website:children.dhamma.org&vridhamma.org, dhamma.org

All Teachers should be taught meditation in the teachers training.

It is a serious compliance if not followed in class with students. Most of the problems that kids have can be solved by meditation. It is a natural process of mental cleaning. It’s like an antivirus scan for the mind. If any kid shakes legs or hands then ask him to sit down and meditate.

Silly mistakes, Poor attention span, Hyper activity, ADHD etc can be easily solved.

Signs of ADHD in Kids:

Many kids can’t stand withoutmovement, they have to tap fingers, makenoise and move legs.

When you give them to write on the board they are concentrating in class.

Kinesthetic Kids:

What is the meaning of kinesthetic kids?

These kids cannot remember through visual or audio methods of learning. You need to make them learn through feelings. You need to argue with them to remember the facts.

Example: Earth is round. I say “You know Earth is square”. The child gives me the various reasons why he believes it is round.

Most of the kids coming to our learning center are poor learners. These kids are poor at remembering instructions. We have to teach them step by step.Dont bombard them with too much information at a time.They cannot remember.

Before school program:

We are teaching before the school is teaching to ensure that our kids are always confident in school.We should  teach more than the school teaches in Maths and English Grammar.This will create a super confident child

Parents Care Initiatives:

All parents are advised not to beat kids or scold them.Tell the teachers the particular behavior problem. We will find a solution. The management should be informed of problems that the teacherscan’t create a solution.

Parent’sresponsibility to make kids meditate in the morning and evening.Many parents feel that that it’s not possible to meditate in the morning “No time”. Teachers have to reason out with parents “How early morning hours meditation are helpful in bringing change in kids “or inform management to have a counseling session.

Parents logbook  feedback:

Teachers should confirm from both parents that the logbook is being checked by them. Feedback is taken regularly every month. Teachers are sending log book immediately after class for timely action to be taken on observation in class. Revision of spellings and Tables at home in a regular duty of parents to improve performance of kids.

Kids diet at home


Kids should have Seven seas cod liver oil capsules.

Organic Gur & Dates, Sugar cane juice should be a part of daily diet.

Kids should eat fresh fruits and a lot of vegetables for a healthy body. We have to make kids realize the importance of eating for nutrition not for taste.

Many of our kids don’t drink 2 to 3 liters of waterevery day.

Kids Care Initiatives: KCI

Kids meditation & GV at Home: Excellence in Education

We can produce instant results by making kids meditate immediately when they wake up at home. The brain is at its lowest frequency. There are no thoughts in the mind. This is the best time for putting the right thoughts for creating a powerful future. We have seen instant results when parents partner with us for successful growth of the child.

Teacher’s responsibility:

Teachers must send what app or SMS to parents till it becomes a habit for all kids to meditate in the morning and evening. We have to make parents realize the benefit of group meditation at home to create a peacefulenvironment. Teachers are helping parents to meditate with kids creating a happy and peaceful atmosphere at home.

Kids memorisable pattern:

Teachers should be aware of the kid’s memory pattern.How they learn /remember? How manytimes the child repeats to memorise?

Kids Routine at home:

Teachers should help parents to create a reasonable schedule for kid’s studies at home.

How to revise at home?

We need to have more control on our kids to get better results.

Remember you are a personal performance trainer.


Kids Behavior at home:

Most of the rich kids have horrible behavior at home.They do not give respect to parents. They back answer,abuse parents, ill treat their parents &grandparentsetc.Teacher should help kids to understand the reason for bad behavior and help the parents to have peaceful atmosphere.

YouTube link:

It’s theteacher’s responsibility to send YouTube links for the topics covered in the class every week. It’s the teacher’s responsibility to make sure the kids are watching the videos.Ask questions to verify that kids are watching videos.Please confirm in thewhatsapp group from parents.

This is a very good way to create interest in the child. Many a times we have to show them videos about what they want to become to get them interested in studies.

Kids having behavior problems:

We have kids who are from rich background and have poor discipline. They don’t like learning tables or doing home work or putting effort in learning. They have no shame in getting poor marks. We have to deal with them in a special manner. Please talk to management if you face any issues. Always share your observation with the higher ups.

Counseling session for Kids and parents

All kids and parents will attend the compulsory counseling session to become aware of our pattern of teaching in a memorisable formatin the first week of joining. We need to make parents realize how we create perfection in the world of education. We need to make Parents aware of their responsibility for kids care. We need a favorable environment for kid’s growth. Leadership training is imparted in our tutorial.

Quality will analyze the Childs performance and give a feedback to parents in the 2nd week.

Daily Spellings by parents: Home work

Many kids need spelling test daily for showing improvement in studies. They have poor memory and try to write by phonic sounds.”Honest” will sound to a kid as “onest”.Listening to sounds and writing will go wrong. This is a major mistake which kids do and it doesn’t get rectified. Children need to remember visual images of spellings. It is the teacher’s job to remind the child how to observe the spellings. We need to show kid show to observe spellings in the book.

Sleep for kids: Memory problems


Kids who have poor sleep have poor memory

Teacher should inquire to find out how many hours the kids sleep. This should be mentioned in the log book as poor sleep pattern and highlighted to parents.


Kids should not put mobile or electronic gadgets near them while sleeping. Radiation from such gadgets will reduce memory and increase hyperactivity and behavior problems.

8 hours Sleep is a must for all kids for good health. It has been observed that kids sleep more than the required time due to laziness. This should be highlighted in the log book as point to be improvedupon. We have noticed parents make their kids sit late at night till 1 am before exam. This is not acceptable. Kids need proper sleep before exams. A tired mind cannot give exam in the morning in school.

Teacher’s responsibility to make parents aware not to reduce sleep for kids.

Taking too many leaves from school /tuition

Teachers should know the reason for not going to school. We have observed that a kid does not go to school on Mondays due to home work not done. Nobody talks to her inschool. Every kid keeps away from the kid. We need to do enquiry to find out the reasons.


TV should be limited to only informative channels like Discovery, Animal planet.

Kids who watch TV for long duration have behavior problems, poor thinking abilities, creativity goes down. This should also be noted in the log book. Action should be taken by parents to reduce TV time.

Mobile phones for kids

Too much usage of mobile for kids will reduce memory capacity. Kids should not sleep with mobile phones near them on the bed at night.


Children should avoid listening to rock music. Theyshould be warned not to use headphonesor ear phones.Electrical charge in the brain will result in behavior problems. All this should be noted in the log book as improvement in the child.This should be highlighted to parents regularly.

Not interested in studies:

When teachers find that the kid behavior is not controllable. They show no interest in studies. This matter should be highlighted to the higher management. Immediate action has to be taken to solve the problem. When parents are paying high fees they expect higher results. Generally such behavior vanishes with meditation & GV for a few days

Poor memory :Mental Hygiene

Kids and teachers are requested not to listen to loud metallic music. This will reduce memory power and suffer from poor concentration.

Kids should not use ear phones and play video games.




Reward kids with good food, chocolates and cakes. Ask them what they like and which place they would want to visit. Based on what makes them happy, give them incentives to perform better by telling them that you will fulfill their wish.

Monthly Kids day Out: Personality development :Observation skills

Teachers should take kids out for movies. We can understand the kid’s ability to understand the movie.

What happened in the movie? Ask kids to relate the movie. What was the character name?

Can you change the story? What was the moral of the story? What did you learn in the movie?

Observation skills:How kids order food and beverages? How they chose what they want to eat? How kids interact with each other?

We have to motivate introverts to become extroverts. We have to explain them the benefits.

Take them out for Lunch, Movies .You are a personal performance trainer. You are creating a Power kid. You can bill it to parents.

This will motivate them to score better and will also make the student-teacher bond a strong one! Treat your kids like baby tigers. Keep on feeding them regularly. Use carrot and stick policy to get them going in the direction of improvement.

A Batsman learns batting by continuous mistakes till he learns the art of hitting the right shots. HLC will bring gifts for improvement in performance for achievement of mile stones.

Create a routine for kids at home:

Help the child to create to daily routine and check whether it is being followed .Most of the kids are lazy by nature and don’t have any fixed routine for studies in a systematic manner at home. They are not even bothered about getting good marks. It’s our job as Teachers to help the child to pick up good habits.

Memorisable format of Teaching:HLC Rule A

Example :White wash every fact with the child at least 5 times in class

We teach in a memorisable format in class (Rote learning format).Don’t expect the child to memorize at home. Teachers have to teach line by line asking question from every line, making sure all the facts can be remembered by the child.

This methodology makes sure the kids mind is in the present moment at all times.

Repeating again and again till it gets memorized

Many a times a teacher needs to check for perfect understanding. Repetition is the secret of perfect understanding for full marks. Children with kinesthetic memory have good ability in sports.

Check for understanding in the next class to ensure the facts are in long term memory.

Such kids need revision 5 to 7 times to get full marks in exam.


Definition of gravity is asked again and again in 15 minute interval to make sure the information is memorized properly and the teacher feels confident that the child will write down properly in the exam. You can confuse the facts to check whether they can differentiate the right answer.

Spellings test daily for 5 minutes:Personality Development :Team Builder

Daily spelling test to be taken at the end of the session to make sure there is a dynamic learning for improvement. Repetition of corrected spellings will improve performance. Teachers should have a separate book for spellings. Every time a kid make a spelling mistake he should write the spelling once a day for the next seven days. Systematic writing of spelling continuously for 7 days will put in the long term memory.In case kids don’t remember on  the 8th day Teacher/Quality should high light to the management.

Spelling scores should be highlighted in the log book.

Create teams of 2 or 4 kids for spelling competition. Make kids check each other books. Reward them with point system for weekly/Monthly party.

Make sentences Daily at Home :

Vocabulary Builder through antonyms and synonyms of tough words in the chapter. They should be made to write 5 sentences on each tough word in a separate book. Teacher can underline chapter  for the kids to find the meaning and antonyms and synonyms .

Daily Spoken English conversation for 5 minutes:Personality Development :Leadership skills

Teachers will engage in a conversation to find out what the child did in school. How was his day? What did he learn today?

Many of our kids don’t ask questions in class fearing ridicule. This is the major factor for reduction of confidence in kids.We have to encourage kids to answer question in class

Many kids are teased in class for some reason

Example: Zero marks in Math’s, highlighting some mistake that the child had done.

Example: Kids don’t like Poor performer in class .Poor performers have poor confidence.

Teacher will help the child to correct the conversation in English.

Many kids have problems expressing what they saw, heard read, Experienced etc. As teachers we have to help them to express correctly.

Example: A kid goes to attend a marriage, Birthday party, Went for a movie Spiderman, Picnic etc.

The ability to speak confidently and correctly is an important factor for success in life.

Teach back sessions; Personality Development :Leadership skills

One kid will teach another kid /Teacher. We need to see the method in which the kids are teaching. Confidences, ability to explain, cleardoubts & positive body language etc.We find kids are feeling shy to teach back. This has to be discussed with the child and parents. This point should be highlighted in the log book as “The child fails to display smartness in class”. A teacher needs to work on the child as this is an important skill for leadership quality. The ability to stand up and speak displays confidence in the child.


Every day white Board practice:Personality Development

Every child has to do board practice: Look at the body language of the child.

Continuous board practice will ensure positive body language with independent thinking. Confidence building techniques for leadership.Spoken English correction to be done immediately.Correction of mistakes by other students. Improving observation skills to reduce mistakes.All great leaders are good speakers.

Systematic Revision Planning: Perfection in education

Every Chapter has to be revised in a systematically manner in the next 2days. Minimum 5 to 7 revision has to be made for every chapter before Exam. The total time on revision should be highlighted in the log book for further analysis.

Separate revision sheet has to be made in the log book to high light how many times revision has been done for a chapter. The success of every child depends on perfect systematic revision.

Goal oriented Pet names for kids: Visionaries


Keep pet names of the child on the basis of the Goals the child wants to achieve.


Dr Milo,Champ,Brillianto,Tornado for Kashyap etc

Kids love their teachers calling pet names connected to their goals.

One kid told her mother to call her Dr Milo at home.

Usually when a child thinks of his/her teacher, all that comes to his mind is studies and homework. But isn’t a teacher more than that? She is not only a guide to them but also a good friend! This makes the emotional link between the student and the teacher special!

Know your Kids background:

A good teacher will interact with parents and would want to know more about the kids. Many kids have fears and phobias. The more you know about the child behavior pattern it become easy to change him for better.

Kids Social back ground : Personality Development: Be a good talker

Some kids find it difficult to interact with other kids. They don’t go down to play. Such kids cannot develop leadership skills. We have to make them social in nature. Interaction with other kids with positive benefits. We have to teach kids in class. How to break the ice?

How to introduce some one? How to talk to strangers? How to display smartness?

Ask questions: How to ask open ended question? How to ask close ended question?

Which school do you study? Where do your stay? What is your parent’s profession? What is your hobby? What games do you play? What do you like to eat?

Teacher can create a game How to introduce people?

The moment the kid walks out of class, it doesn’t mean that the teacher’s role has ended there. A good teacher takes interest in the topics that interest her students and happily engages in conversations with them. The kid respects the teacher more as she is sensitive towards his likes and dislikes. A teacher must be aware of what her student likes, what his family background is, what sport is he a fan of, what his hobbies are etc. Such things make the student feel more comfortable when the teacher is around.

Teach kids to Face your fears: Personality development

We had kids who have never gone for swimming, cycling. We need to find out the reason and explain to them that failure is an important part of life. Let’s enjoy failure?Success will come when we learn from every failure. Nobody has taught the kids to realize. If others can do so canI. Nobodyhas taught the kids to think in the right direction. Never live to create any impression in any body. Live for yourself ,your dream you run.

Kids should not eat oily food during exams :

Kid should not eat oily food just before exams. It makes your brain sluggish, sleepy. There are chances of reducing the processing speed of the brain due to oil intake. Have steamed food like idly as breakfast.

Kids Reading Questions

All questions should be read by the students not by the teachers in class. Kinesthetic learners have a lot of problems in understanding what the question is and what they have to write.  A teacher has to ask the students what they understood by the question. This handholding is very important for progress. These kids have to be asked the understanding of the question again and again. Continuous repetition is the secret of success. Their logical brain works very slowly.

Mistakes in Math’s:

Teachers will not point out errors in calculation in the book. They will only tell the line number for the child to observe and find out the mistakes and correct them. This will improve observation skills which causes the mistakes. We can also play like a game by making some other kid of the same class to find the mistake.

Time Taken: Duration for sums

All students will put start time and end time in all sums.

We need to know the time taken for doing different sums since you have to be time oriented in Exam.

Example: 2 marks sum has to be done in 3 minutes.

A teacher should be able to measure performance in the first month versus the second month for sums in the chapter. Reduction in timings over period of time shows progress in Math’s.

Teachers planning:

Teachers should calculate the days left for the exams.

How many hours the child is going to study?


1.5 hrs * 8 classes per month*2 months = 24 hours

No of chapters to be done = 2chapters * 6 hours =Total Time 12 hours

Revision time Example 6 times revision:Example 2 chapters * 6 times =12 hours

5 to 7 times revision is required for all kids to get full marks in Exam.

Teachers motivation to bring the maximum change in a poor performer:

“Leave no stone unturned to bring change in the child”

The biggest factor that can bring change in the child is the teacher’s everlasting positive attitude towards the Childs performance.

A teacher who believes that,“I can make all kids winners in life”.

This whole game is about Patience!Patience!  and Infinite patience!

A teachers mind should always be calm and cool at all times.

A teacher’s positive body language, a smile on the face can do wonders to any poor performer who is trying to succeed. How does a mother look at the child who is learning how to walk?How the child falls again and again and the mother smiles with a helping hand to assist the child to walk.

A gentle reminder to all teachers.

Remember how your kid learnt how to walk? How to talk? Look at the happiness in your mind when they achieve their target.

“If you want to improve academics, you find out what’s interesting to kids and they’ll work harder,”

Goal Visualization Technique: Brilliance in Education

20 Years ago, we experimented on a kid who failed for 10 years in school in math’s.Application of meditation and GV for 3 days and he got 80 marks for the first time in life.That’s the super success that we are looking for in every kid.

What was the problem area?

He use to think in his mind that he will get 40 in math’s to pass .He used to get 30 to 35 range and failed always to pass in Math’s.80 to 85 percentage strike rate is a good success rate.

We raised his target to 100 in his mind when he   goes for the exam. His system could not accept thelogic tree.

His father used to call him a useless kid of the dynasty. His teacher used to throw the test paper at him for getting poor marks in class.

The boy thinks “How can I get 100 marks?

It took 3 hours to remove all doubts that he can be successful in life. Now he had a new logic tree that said that he can get marks inmaths. Your inner mind believes any input put in the plane of the mind. When the kid sees himself successful again and again the inner mind believes it.

The law of nature says” Any think put in the plane of the mind with confidence. You will get confident results.”

Compliance :Deduction as per HLC  Dated 21st May 2015

We have Standard Operating procedures which have to be followed for perfection in delivery of service.

We have made the below rules as compliance after repeated warnings to teachers. We have noticed that teachers don’t have ownership for results. They have come to earn money in any manner. We have incurred loss of brand name and loss of business due to process not followed.

We have to keep the business process in control.

The below Factors will result in deduction for Rs 50 the first offence  and then repeated offence will increase by Rs 50 more  that is Rs 100,Rs 150  ……………….

Meditation& GV:

We will deduct Rs 50 per class for not conducting Meditation&GV in class. All Teachers are supposed to meditate with the students in class and think about getting good performance and shower love and compassion to our kids.


Revision not done as planned .We will deduct Rs50 or full amount per class for not revising in class. Management discretion.

Weekly test not conducted: Perfection in Education


Weekly test not conducted as planned .We will deduct Rs50 or full amount per class perchild for not having weekly test in class. Management discretion.

We have noticed that Teachers are not conducting the tests.We have to deduct per kid since all the kids in the class might be of different standards or different schools.

Example : If  4 kids of different standards in a class. We found that the teacher has not conducted the test.We have to deduct Rs 50 per kid *4 kids = Rs 200 per week.

Why do we conduct test? We do to check kid’s ability to put down information in the right format to get the right performance.Many a times we teach and assume the kids will write well in exams.

Poor Quality Feedback from Quality Department /Parents; Perfection in Education


This will result in deduction of Rs50 per kid or full amount per class. Management discretion

Daily Log book to be sent to parents and Quality Department. Perfection in Education

Log book has to be sent to Parents keeping cc to quality department.

We will deduct Rs 50 per class per child for sending later than 24 hours.

(Example 10 kids means 10 kids * Rs 50 = 500 per day)

Video Recording :Perfection in Education

Video recording to be sent to parents daily as proof of teach back session.

We will deduct Rs 50 per child for sending later than 24 hours.

Usage of Mobile in class:

Teacher is not supposed to be using too much Mobile during Class time. Please do not do personal work in class.

We have got complaints from kids who say Teachers are always on whatapp.

This will result in deduction of Rs 50 or full amount per class. Management discretion

You Tube links

You Tube links to be sent for all topics to create interest in the topics and providing in depth knowledge about the subject. These links should be saved in the QA folders of each chapter for future reference.

This will result in deduction of Rs 50 or full amount per class per child. Management discretion

Line by line Question for memorisable subjects :Perfection in Education

Line by Line question for every chapter to be submitted to the Quality for Checking before giving to the kids.

This will result in deduction of Rs 50 or full amount per class per child. Management discretion

Selfish attitude of teachers: Always look at problems from kids point of view

Teacher should always look at the benefit of the child. We had a case where a teacher refused to take class before exam because she has only one class that day.HLC could have paid for the auto fare which was her problem. It was a shame when parents highlighted.

Compliance: A teacher gets a red card :Loss of Job

It is a serious compliance that the teacher has no desire to see change in a child.

Parents are payinghigh fees to see high result.

The mission of HLC is to transform poor performers into great performers.

Fixed belief of Teachers: Negative thoughts

Teacher says “Oh this child is a failure! What can I do in such a short time? Let me pretend to teach”. The teacher thinks that she cannot bring any change in the child.

In such a case the teacher should speak to the management. Its better you don’t teach such children.

A teacher cannot have failure attitudes for the child. One teacher lost her job continuous poor performance on job due to lack of ownership.

Most of the bigger kids coming to HLC are serious cases ICU .They need intensive care.

Serious analysis of the Childs performance in school, child’s behavior at home. How do parents treat the child? Many times parents have preconceived notions and believe that the kids should be beaten regularly. Never rule a kids mind with a stick. Such kids will have violent behavior in future.


Teachers coming late to class:

Teachers coming late is an unprofessional behavior .We will deduct Rs 50 per class.

Every teacher will make it a point to be in class 15 minutesbefore the class starts. It is a good habit to meditate before the kids come to class and create vibration of peace and harmony.

Rude behavior can lead to termination:Tolerance is a virtue

We had a case where one teacher waited for 30 minutes and walked out of the class to teach a lesson to come on time just a few days before exam day. Such behavior is not acceptable and lead to immediate termination. No parent will tolerate such attitude.

We are catering to rich clientele where most of the kids are lazy by nature.

Physical Violence on kids:

Be kind to kids, everybody is beating them, why you?

No form of physical violence is allowed on kids. This can lead to immediate termination of service.

In cases where kids are uncontrollable behavior teach one kid at a time to avoid interaction with other kids.

Example : Hyper active kids

Teachers should chose words with care

A teacher can make a child or break a Childs confidence.

Example: Try blowing a balloon with hole in it.

Teacher’s behavior can cause life time damage to the kid’s future.


Teachers care Initiatives:

Daily Teachers Home work : Have good thoughts for your kids :Goal visualizing :GV

Both teachers and children must practice daily 10 minutes at home morning and evening.

We practice Goal visualization to channelize the energy for his mission to achieve his goals in life, current and long term goals.

Teachers should practice GV daily for achievement of kid’s goals just like how parents think good for their children. One mind is linked to another mind by thoughts.Energy passes from one mind to another mind like radio waves. Energy passes from higher concentration to lower concentration. Demotivated kids need a lot of motivation from Teachers. Teachers are the pillar of success for them. Teachers are the creators of the destiny for the child


The Law of karma.

When a teacher sows a seed of help. Nature will also help the child and the teacher.The teacher has the desire to see the child getting good marks. Nature will also reward the teacher for harboring such thoughts.Teachers are getting an opportunity to help innocent and helpless kids.

The law of multiplication in life:

When you sow a seed of mango you get many mangoes in return.Thefruits of multiplication are infinite.

Think more than money: There is always a higher purpose in life

A  Teacher will always get infinite help in her life,that’s the biggest benefit in teaching kids with poor performance. Kids are innocent, it’s wrong to cheat them of confidence. Today teachers play the role of the biggest cheats in the world. It is their job to create confidence in the child. If they will not do then who will do. Children with poor confidence perform poorly in school and become failures in life.

Teachers students Bonding: Teachers IQ :TQ ie Teachers Quotient

The emotional bond between the teacher and the child is the factor for bringing Excellence, brilliance and perfection on job. One student got 50 out 80 .He was not happy with his achievement since he had promised his teacher 60 marks in his final exam. The school had warned the parents to throw the child for poor performance.

The teacher bought him a bat as a gift for showing improvement in 25 hours of time. The child passed and got his highest marks in his life in 12 years of schooling. These are signs of a commando teacher.

Just like an untrained elephant obeys the mahout, the teacher also plays the role of training the mad mind of kids for higher performance.

Teachers Training:

Initially, a teacher will teach one child till she gets the hang of teaching perfectly. Then she will be allotted 2 kids and so on. A teacher should have a keen sense of observation. This will enable her to watch body language, eyemovements; leg movementsetc of her students and record it inher log book which is reviewed by us from time to time.

A trained teacher will guide the new teachers in understanding the methodology of teaching.

Teachers Power India’s Power:

When a country has powerful teachers they can create powerful mind in kids which in turn maximize the potential of each child and creates a powerful economy.Powerful teachers create powerful economy.

Teachers Entrepreneurship:

Objective of Rs500 to Rs 1000 per class, earning part time /full time in 0.5-2year’s time frame depends on skill development for education with innovation to cater to the next generation. The target of 1 lac pm is achievable with 6 to 8 hours of work per day. As skills are developed and teachers are able to handle more kids with perfection, therates goup. We prefer to take teachers as partners when they are matured in business.

We can run business model where we are having 6 to 8 kids of the same class with 2 teachers. One Teacher and one trainee teacher. We have a social objective to make teaching a value based career choice for the nextgeneration. Intoday’s world nobody wants to take teachingas a career.

Current Education in India:

At present the teacher in a school does not create value based skills in the child. Teachers are the biggest cheats in the world. They are the lowest paid in the world when compared to other professions. Nobodywants pursue a teacher career. Theyteach in a method that make children think that they are useless and powerless. They rob a child of confidence resulting in poor self esteem. Parents don’t realize that the method of school education is a problem. Kids are blamed for poor performance. Education is a personalized learning system. Mass education creates only mass failures in class. Kids lose interest in studies which is the end result. The pace of learning is different for different kid. No teacher can teach more than 4 to 6 kids at a time and give effective results. Just try taking an exam immediately after the teacher has taken a class to check for teacher’s effectiveness. You will realize most of the kids failed in class. Why? Because the teacher taught in a reading format in class. Kids have to be taught in a memorisable format to remember  and write perfectly in exam. Teachers have 40 to 50 kids in one class in school. The very objective of education through curiosity which is the best education system is lost in mass education system. Mindless memorization kills creativity .Experimentation with various topics is important to gauge kid’s interest and then teach deeper levels. Children are not taught with love, care,patience which is critical element foreducation. Atpresent the price for education is very cheap in India. Cheapeducation delivered creates kids with poor skills for future earning potential which in turn creates a poor economy. There are many factors for the poor education standards in the country.

We have to raise the teachers pay in HLC to make more people take up teaching as a career option.High quality teachers can command the highest rate in the market.

How Parents create problems for child:

They don’t understand the root cause of the problem. They blame the child for poor concentration in class and lack of interest instudies. How can kids understand beyond their pace of understanding? Can kids run faster than their body can take? Can a tape recorder take more recording than its capacity? Mass tutorials teach at the pace of syllabus not at the pace of the child. What is the use if the child cannot understand what is happening in class?

Let us try to analyze the problem. Let’s start with the schooling system. How the schooling system creates hatred for studies? How an education system creates a failure in school?

Schools have 40 to 50 kids in one class. Can a teacher control so many kids?No. Try cooking food in 4 gas burners you might be a good cook. What if I gave you 50 gas burners? Can you be a good cook? No I don’t know what is cooking in each of the gas burners.

What happens to the confidence of the kids? Confidence goes down day by day till the child get depression or suicidal tendencies. Most of the kids suffer from poor self esteem. The schools rating system which runs on marks tells “You are below average”, “You are useless”. Let’s ask yourself a simple question. Can all kids run at the same speed in class? Why is there a huge difference? All kids have different weight and cannot meet the high standard average speed limit set by the school system. This damages the ability to maximize the inner potential. Many kids suffer from permanent damage to their self esteem at an early age since they do not get the right help in life. Most of the mass tutorials are not diagnosing the root cause to solve the problem. Their objective is to make money in any way.

Happy Learning Centers objective is to transform poor performers at an early age.

Teachers Quality Training: HLC dated 12 may 2015

We will recover the cost of training Quality from the teachers in installments

Example: Rs 500 per week.

The cost of Teachers Quality will be borne by the teachers only.

Example Rs 500 per week


Honesty & Complete Transparency on job is the secret of successful education.

The power of a teachers mind decides the destiny of the kid’s future.

Welcome Smile:

A Teacher should always welcome the child with a smile when kids come for coaching.

Engage in casual conversations with your students: Know your Child (KYC)

What is the child goal? Know your child goal and help in achieving it. Many kids change their goals with time. Guide the kid’s goals.

Kids background:

Teacher’s motivation to teach is an important factor for success.

Most of the kids are poor learners and come from rich back ground. Many kids have not been cared for in the early years of education. Parents did not care thinking that kids are in lower class. As teacher we have to be patient and loving towards the child. It takes time to change non performer into a top performer. Many a times spending quality time to understand how the child thinks and feels is important to solve the problem of poor confidence.

Many a times to drill a new concept like in mathematics, example: Addition, multiplication, division, might need an unusual number of repetitions and require revision.

We should never show signs of anger that the kid is not understanding in spite of so many repetitions.

Relationship skills: The most important life skill

Most of the kids have poor relation at home with parents:

We as teachers have to teach them to respect Teachers,Parents ,Servants etc

Teacher Log Book: Daily Monitoring

Helps us to understand the teacher’s method of teaching.

Anything that is monitored will change for better.

Get inputs to improve our methods of teaching. Provides a detailed observation ofthe child. We look for trends in Human behavior.

Various Problems noticed in the child can be understood by anyone who goes through the Log Book. Small things like Tables not clear, repeated spelling mistakes, not able to recollect, shaking legs while studying, playing with pencil orrubber, can’t keep still while studying, all these signals can tell a lot about the child. The reason for making a note of these little things is that we need to rectify such habit before proceeding towards correcting the subject knowledge of the child.

Record how many times one has to repeat information before the child has memorized it.

Thus, the Log Book is a very critical document to diagnose the child’s learning pattern and problems that he is facing. We need to have a rectification plan just like a damagedcar that’s come to the service center.

Value for Money:

Every parent looks for value for money. They will look at the work done in a class by the Teacher on the child and look for improvement.

Teachers Job Reminder to kids at 6 am & 10 pm

Teachers should send what app message to meditate in the morning and evening to parents and children for the first few days to make meditation a habit. Parents are requested to make kids practice meditation. This is their responsibility at home. Kids not meditating should be mentioned in the log book and highlighted to the management.

Analysis of the last Question papers gives a good idea how the child brain works during the exams.

How many marks left why?

How many marks lost due to spellingmistakes?

How many wrong answers written? Why? How were the answers taught?

Why the child could not reason out the difference in question in class?

Ask the child why he left blanks or why he wrote wrong answers.

These kids have to be taught orally how to frame sentences andthen write.

Kids are trained to read the question twice before writing the answers for perfect understanding. It takes some time for the brain to respond to answers stored in the system.

Such kids have poor reasoning skills; we have to teach them in such a manner to improvise.

Did the child attempt all questions?

How many marks left due to speed issues?

In Class 7 they have 20 marks exam in 30 minutes.

In Class 8 they have 30 marks exam in 30 minutes.

Was the child confident during exam time?

We had a kid who was lazy to write the Exam? He found Exams boring. We have to hold the child responsible for the poor response.

State of mind during the exams is a very crucial factor for success.

Amount of sleep before Exam plays an important role in memory during exam. All kids should sleep at least 8 to 10 hours before exam.

Keep the Lecture interesting

Kids talk in class because the teacher has a boring style of teaching. They become casual in nature and start taking studies lightly.Poor class control indicated that the teacher had not planned the class schedule.


Students coming late in class

Teachers are requested not to scold students for coming late.

Our objective, don’t spoil mood at the beginning of the class.

You may want to discuss the matter with the parents.

Students insulting Teachers:

We have heard complaints from teachers where kids are mocking at the teacher’spoor achievements in life. Giving disrespect to Teachers is not tolerable.

We have to discuss with the management and then with the parents.

Students have not done Home work:

Teacher should not scold the child at the beginning of the class for home work not done.

Our objective, don’t spoil mood at the beginning of the class.

You may want to discuss the matter with the parents.

Kids disturbing in class:

Too much talking and unruly behavior has to be discussed with management then parents. There are times when we have lost business because we have complained about the child.


Teachers: Kids analysis form filled by teacher. Blood test to check for diseases

Diagnostic checkup of current status of the child on a monthly/ weekly basis.

We have to check the child mental frame for improvement in thought process, spelling, confidence, memory.


A senior teacher will take 2 to 3 sessions explaining to the new teachers the methodology of asking questions in class line by line. Line by line question framing ensures that the child has the entire chapter at his fingertips. No matter which corner of the chapter the teacher asks the question from, the kid will be ready with the answer. E.g. Fill in blanks, Match the following, QA etc.

Teachers will be given a chapter and will be asked to frame as many questions as they can line by line. Then they need to frame bigger QA’s like elaborate, describe, narrate, give and account etc.

Kids must be able to say 5 to 8 lines for big QA orally then written practice at home/ in class.

Teacher has to learn the art of making many questions from a paragraph. Then only one will learn how to teach the kids perfectly. One should able to see questions from paper setter’s mindset.

HLC Methodology actively engages learners on a minute-by-minute basis which is the best way to help students develop faster learning.

We should enrich and accelerate learning and improve instructional practice.


Parents Expectation;

Parents should not have unrealistic targets for kids. Children should not get stressed by them.

Teach back session for kids

Recorded video should be sent to parents as proof of learning every day in what app.

How to improve maths? Kids make silly errors

Mistakes in Mathematics should not be told to the child immediately. Teachers should just tell the line for mistakes for the child to find out and then correct. Kids have poor observation skill and make mistakes in calculation. Teacher should always tell kids to double check the steps to reduce on mistakes. Kids make mistakes copying sums wrongly from the book/board.

For most of the schools Maths question paper is set from illustration in the chapter

All Teachers are requested to make kids go through with examples




Teacher reads the chapter line by line. You should ask questions to confirm that the kids have understood the line. Try asking many questions, fill in the blanks, match the following etc. Repeatedly asking the same questions in intervals of few minutes within the same class ensures that the chapter is memorized by the kid then and there.

You should ask meaning of the tough words tell, antonyms, synonyms and make sentences to confirm the understanding.

Vocabulary enhancement: Home work for Kids

A separate Book has to be created to write all tough words, give the meanings, Antonyms and synonyms and frame5 sentences at home on the chapter. The teacher should give 5 sample sentences orally for each word to the kid.

Quality will check books weekly

Reading skills: Home work for kids

Every child should read the editorial column newspaper which will increase the reading skills. The kid will come across new words in the articles and also understand how sentences are framed.

Quality will check for reading skills

Listening skills: Home work for kids

Kids should listen to the BBC news for 15 minutes every day. Then the kids should speak in the class on what they heard in the news. Most of the children have poor listening skills. This exercise will improve the information downloaded in the class.

This will improve the listening skills. The next day the child should narrate what he read in the newspaper and what he heard in the BBC news .This will improve the conversation skills of the child on a daily basis. This will help the teachers to understand and correct the verbal skills of the childimmediately. Verbal correction is more important than written correction. We should help the child to frame the right sentence in the mind first, before writing .This will help the child to correct the mistakes in English. They need hand holding initially to speak correctly only then will they be able to write correctly.

Quality will check for listening skills weekly and find ways to improve.

Visual skills:

We show discovery channel for 10 minutes and then ask the kids to speak on what he saw, How he will relate to another person. This helps us to correct what he saw. We help the child to comprehend correctly and speak. We should ask every kid to talk for 2 minutes one by one and explain the sequence of the events and then ask the next child to explain. The child will talk gibberish and we will correct the sentence in the right format and then make the kids repeat the right way to speak.


English /Hindi/Marathi Essay writing:

Teacher should give 5 ideas to write the essay paragraph wise. Children don’t have ideas to write. Show the kids how an essay is written in front of them keep the book open so the kids can refer if required. Show them the opening, main body and closing. Give them idioms phases and helping box. Teach the topic line by line, step by step, and point by point. After giving the topic sit with the kid and discuss what all can be written for that topic. Discuss in the form of a flow chart in the child’s book so that he does not forget what was discussed orally. Provide helping words to be used in the essay.  All this ensures that the child knows in which direction he is required to think. The result – A good essay!


Example: Topic – Pollution

Discuss the various issues in pollution, How it happens ,How to reduce, what measures govt takes to reduce, Damage to health ,other benefits, Medical expenses, what can each individual do to  reduce pollution, and conclusion.

Ask Kids:

Many kids have the problem of expressing what they have in mind.They have a lot of ideas but cannot express logically in a sequence.Teacher should take the input from the child and guide the child by making sentences and help him to write correctly. This gives the child more confidence. We should always remember to correct verbal skills first then written skills.We have to give such types of hand holding to get prefect results and faster transformation in the kid.What other points they can add to the essay. Make the conversation lively and appreciate the kids for the smallest contribution. Prompt kids with ideas to help them to frame sentences.

Make sure all kids are participating in the group discussion. Kids who feel shy to talk should get more focus to get them started to try speaking. Many are afraid to speak fearing ridicule. Appreciate them for trying.

Many kids have the habit of writing present past future in one sentence. Ask them to create smaller sentences to rectify the problem. Remind them again and again create awareness about the mistake. Ask them to find the mistake that you notice so that you get their brain in the thinking mode.

Ask kids what they are going to write and help them in framing sentence before they write down. This will reduce mistakes and help in faster confidence.

Other Subjects:

Read the line and ask questions immediately. Create as many questions to reaffirm the information downloaded.


Ram is walking on the road in the rain going up the hill to school.

Ask as many questions that you can create in the line. This is a pixel format of storing information in our system in logical sequence to remember clearly during exams.

Who was walking on the road? Where is the school situated? Was Ram going uphill or downhill? What was the weather when Ram was going to school? Give True or False, Ram was going to college.etc .Make it a game format with kids and creates as many questions .This will help in increasing the reasoning ability of kids to store information in an interesting format.

Ask fill in the blanks, Match the following etc. Deliberately give wrong information. Argue with the child to check whether the kid gives the right information. This also creates memory enhancement. This tells you how alert the listening skills of the child. It also proves that the child knows the right answers and the information are storedcorrectly to deliver perfection in the exam. Ask spelling of tough words, tell the meaning and make few sentencestoo. After reading the paragraph or page reaffirm the process of asking questions. Continuous repetition of the QA is the secret of successful exams. Those questions which the kids could not answer should be noted mentally and asked again and again till perfection.

“Fall, fall till you learn”. Each Chapter should be revised 5-7 times.Kids should enjoy the process of fun learning. This will help in storage of information in the long run.


For Kids with very Poor Concentration:

Some kids have poor listening skills; ask them questions after everyhalf line, to correct the memory storage pattern. The child knows the teacher is going to ask question immediately so the child will listen attentively. Make the child feel like a champ when he answers.

Kids Mindsets

Falling, Failing is an important part of the learning process. Perseverance is the key to success. Kids neverhate the subject. They hate the method in which it is taught to them. Then they start hating the teachers like an allergy.

Teachers should always ask themselves “How to make the teachingstyle more interesting”. How to make teaching an enjoyable journey? What should I do to make the kids say “Awesome teacher”

Invention /Innovation:

Do discuss topics that relate to the chapters to encourage the kids to think differently.


Show them a Spiderman movie for 10 minutes. Then ask them to create 5 more enemies and create a movie. You will realize how kids create wonderful script. This script can be sold.

Take a real life problem:

Say Lift is not working:

How to go up the 10 floors? Take ideas from kids and have a mind storming session.

Patents and Copy rights:

In cases the kids comes out with a brilliant idea work on that idea for fruition.

Go get it!:  Report the ideas to your higher ups to take the idea forward. We are on a mission to use education as a tool for innovation and invention. We want our teachers to teach kids how to innovate. Kids who can innovate create the highest value in life.

Quality Department Audit:

Weekly audit of all work done by teachers by QA Team to maintain high standards of deliverance.

Has the teacher prepared weekly question paper?

Has line by line by line question prepared before the chapter starts and handed to the kids.

Are the spellings books maintained for all subjects?

Is there a particular trend in the spellings mistakes?

Is the teacher dressed in formal attire?

Teacher should look smart and trendy?

Dress should not be faded or shabby?

Teacher should not have regional accent?

Is the class room neat and tidy?

Does the teacher display class control?

Does the teacher interact with parents?

Do the parents feel satisfied with the Teacher capability/ability?

Are the students feeling the difference?

Is there a noticeable improvement in the child?

Is the confidence of the child increasing?

Quality should always try to find out ways “How to make the teaching style more interesting”

In mathematics time should be mentioned for all sums done in the kid’s book.

Looking at timings you can analyze whether there is any change in performance.

Looking at the mistakes done by the child you can analyze and create an action plan with the teachers.

Quality will also make calls to parents  on monthly  basis to check for satisfaction.

Parents need to rate our service on a scale of 10

We need to know change in school performance in the child

We need to know what are the factors liked in Teacher.

We need to know the change in conversation style /behavior of child

Is the child meditating at home? Morning and night.

Quality need to explain the benefits of Meditating daily to get better performance.

Is the child listening to BBC news to improve English daily? To improve spoken English

Is the child reading news paper daily? To improve written English

We need to get referrals from parents? We give discounts on fees?

In case of change of teachers Quality will call after a week to check for compatibility and comfort of kids.

We need to have a Teaching action plan for every week per class. Lot of emphasis should be given to revision in a systematic manner.

Every examination results give us an opportunity for improving our approach towards the problem areas.

Class cancellation: Rule A

Try to swap classes with other teachers rather than cancel classes.We lose on income.Speak to teachers who are teaching the kids other subjects.Speak to the area coordinator.Tell one day in advance for taking leave for a day.Tell 2 weeks in advance to take long leaves.Cancelling classes should be the last option.

Failure Modes effective analysis:

  1. Teachers not motivated
  2. Teachers not capable
  3. Teachers don’t have dedication
  4. Teachers not polite
  5. Teachers are fast
  6. Poor Planning by teachers
  7. Not following Planned actions
  8. Poor ability to analyze kid’s problem
  9. Teachers are only money minded
  10. Teachers are lazy
  11. Systematic revision not followed
  12. Kids not motivated to study
  13. Kids see no goals in life
  14. Poor performing kids have low confidence
  15. Speed of teaching too fast for kids to understand
  16. Poor self esteem
  17. Parents scolding and beating kids

Exam Time :Teachers decision Matrix:

All classes are planned and should not be changed at the last moment creating confusion and chaos among students and Teachers.

In case of any emergency Teachers should consult the Management Richa for solution to the problems. Teachers can give suggestion. We should always be aware of the costing of the class while making schedule.Kids on fixed rate cannot be given extra classes before exam. IfParents are ready to pay Rs 400 per hour for the extra classes then only we will offer. We can make the child write an exam in class with a scheduled class. No extra charges for kids.

Question and Answer

Q:Student keeps talking and distracting other students.  Even after giving him continuous reminders he doesn’t listen.


This is a serious violation of code of conduct in class room. Please inform parents immediately.
You can ask him to sit away from all kids. You can tell him your class timings will bechanged or we might not want such kid in class to warn him.

Quality Observation: This also shows poor class control

Q:Student looked little tired. He said that he came running to the class even without having his lunch as he had a stay back in school.


Please inform parents to make kids eat properly before coming to class

Q: Teachers says “Student needs to practice verbs more”


If you feel as a teacher the child has prefect understanding, then you are testing the child.

Q: Student cannot answer the tables randomly. She starts every table from 1


This is a serious blunder that kids do in test and make mistakes.

Rapid fire round for tables clarity is a compulsory thing that all should do in class.

Q:Student likes English subject so listens attentively and tries to answer the questions relevantly. A class test was conducted on verbs. She scored 6/9 marks


Always revise the chapter to take test

Q:Student was actively solving the sums and her logic has improved. She has started loving maths. The speed has also increased a little.

Teachers should note:Our observation has to be based on proof not perception

What is the proof?

Time taken for solving sums of previous days versustodays.


We want to know change in duration of time over last week

All Teachers are supposed to measure kid’s performance sector by sector.

All kids are advised to write starttime and end time for doing each sum.

Why do we do this?

A kid might be very good at one topic and score good marks in Exam.

The same child may not have proper understanding of sums and take longer time than allotted in school test scoring poor marks

Speed of completion may be a critical issue?

Clear cut explanation and reassurance through revisions, teach back sessions

Teach back session are video taped and send to parents as proof of understanding.

Q:Student showing interest in the subjecthas good understanding   but cannot express the answers in precise words.


Parents are sending the child since she can’t write correct answers.

You have to make the child memorize in class.5 to 7 repetition can solve the problem. This is the major difference in our tutorial. Memorizationis done in class.

Kinesthetic kids cannot remember easily at one go. Break one line into 2 parts and make them memorise part by part.

If an exam is taken immediately after the class to check teacher’s effectiveness the kid should score full marks. Teach in that fashion. This is gurukul format of teaching prefect education.

Q: Student answered the questions very well but misunderstood the first question due to which he lost one and a half mark


Teachers job to explain all types of question that can be asked while teaching, making kids understand the difference.

Q: Student made mistakes in the line by line questions

Answer :

Meditation solves most problems of kids. Meditation teaches prefect observation skills

First I explained 1 para and then asked him questions. Then explained 2nd para and asked questions and again revised the previous para. I gave him relevant examples so that he actually understands how each item used for measuring speed worked. Asked him questions orally. Made him teach me the speedometer on board. Took spellings and also a small written test

Ask again after some days the same questions, see how the child answers.

There will be variation….loss of information.Our job is to create a systematic revision plan for perfection.

Q: Teacher says”Saying the words and its spelling aloud”


This kid is kinesthetic so board practice is required to store information. These kids are very good orally but written skills are poor. They remember only on feelings


Q:Started with asking how she left her bag at home

Don’t know as Krisha bought a new notebook today since she forgot her bag


We should inquire from parents to know more about the child forgetful attitude.

Goal visualizing helps in memory problems.

Student is good in grammar, makes mistakes while framing sentences but has clear ideas.

Q:Ask the child to tell sentences orally Then you correct and write the corrected sentence. This method is in manual.

Though some of the ideas in the composition are vague, his imagination and expression is excellent.


Correct the child orally and then ask the child to write

Teacher’s job is like a role play on stage of a perfect idol of teacher

You have to be fun loving, funny at times to cheer kids

Motivator to show that the problem is easy in life

We all fall, fall and learn

Q:Siddhi was apprehensive that her parents are going to send her to hostel, as has been told by her father.

Related her concern to Sir, Sir had a word with the parent regarding to the parent, this parameter comes under EQ

Kids with poor EQ perform poorly in school. They are not able to solve daily problems .They get upset fast.

Q: Student is not very strong with tables. Hence he slows down during multiplication sums

Tables have to be tested every day to overcome this problem.Rapid fire round for tables testing

Video record the problem and send to parents as proof

The child should know that my HLC teacher is going to grill me today

Write time limit for all sums and how many marks

Put it on the parents to revise tables at home

You have not mentioned that the kids has to improve on writing skills

Teaching and then testing has to be a standard practice for all teachers

Please give these kids some home work like write an essay from home.

Explain all the points how to write and then give home work.

Try to make maximum utilization of time.

Q: Coming late to class regularly is compliance


Parents should be informed immediately

Body language says “I don’t want to study”. Let me find excuses to run away from work.

Q:Please plan a routine for kid at home since the observation says the kid has not revised properly

Please give YouTube for more information. There is no You Tube for perfect syllabus requirement

Q:As student has confusion with different type of word problems, made her redo all the sums orally apart from catching up with rest of the worksheetmake the child do all the confusion sums again and again in a systematic method where every day you make the child do the star marked sums

Make the child do board practice to store information through feelings since she is a


Take the video recording as proof that the child explained to you perfectly.

After some days ask again. You can show that the parents need to understand kids need more classes

In such cases Parents control at home is required to get results

Q:All Teach back session should be recorded and sent to the parents Quality group

More the transparency higher the trust factor and better referrals

More the confidence of the child better the performance

Comments blank

Write more about your interaction with the child

What did you infer from the conversation?

Example We come to know father is hot tempered at home causing the child to have poor EQ.Poor EQ affects exam performance

You observation about the child are critical inputs for action plans to better performance

Example Child speak in Marathi at home .Ability to express in English is poor.

Needs English speaking class too ,this can be a up selling factor too.

Such kids need Day out with teachers for movies.

Please give home work for math’s sums to be done every day one or 2 sums for  10 minutes to remember the chapter for longer duration

Compulsory 30 minutes self reading at home for kids.

Please ask kids to read lessons at home and come for faster learning memorizing and better exam performance.

Student was happy and was eager to write a class test and wanted a perfect score as his parents reward him every time he gets one. Student is slow in doing sums

Why is the student slow?

What is your action Plan?

What did you analyze?

Solution: Goal visualizing solves speed issues of child .Make the Child visualize that the child is writing faster

Students seems eager to attack on exams which show right attitude in life

Parents rewarding shows right attitude towards the child “Reward for the performance”

All teachers should enforce meditation & GV at home for superior performance

Asked student how her day was. Student said it was reasonable and she is little tensed about tomorrows English Test in school


Goal visualizing solves performance anxiety problems in kids

Every mail power packed with your observations will create a wow factor for parents

Feedback to Teachers

Dipna pl share with all teachers.I don’t have all email Ids

How did you start the class?

Q: Greeted the child;

Please start explaining how you started the day

You might have asked how his day was in school

How did he like the movie he saw with us?

Did you enjoy the movie?

Kids might have gone outstation .Asked kids how was their vacation

Kids might be sad…..home work not done…etc

He looked energetic at the beginning of the class

All Teach back session video should be recorded and sent to parents, quality, HLC management.

Teachers /Quality can observe the videos and see the change in confidence and other parameters in the kids and comment. These links can be savedin YouTube for future analysis

Yesterdays Revision column please write how perfectly they were able to answer the questions asked, this column highlights the child memory after 24 hours

Q: Revision for today’s class taken:

You can write how the child can’t remember the definition of elements taught in class, this proves that more revision is required for perfect memorization.

Dictation marks should be in separate column

Daily focus on spellings will show improvements in kids

YouTube link shared should be there in the report.

All YouTube link shared should be saved in a word file along with the question answers page. The next generation teachers can use for reference and trainings

Spellings Test column should be there.

Sample Questions for Teachers Exam

What is HLC Mission?

We are Ambassadors of …………………..

What sort of tutorial we run?

Which format of teaching we use?

What does personal performance trainers deliver?

What sort of educational experience we offer?

What maximizes the inner potential of the child?

Who does the in depth analysis of the teaching methodology?

How does Quality analyze of the teaching methodology?

Who does Quality Department gives Feedback to?

What sort of revision is given to children?

What is STEM education?

Why do we meditate?

Which state of mind does the mind record? Only in present

Why do we goal visualize?

What improves emotional IQ?

Why do children perform poorly in Exam?

Why are children afraid of asking questions?

Why do we have teach back sessions?

How do we ensure perfect mastery of subjects?

How do we ensure kids have superior feeling in class when the subject is taught?

How do we ensure kids are top performers in class in Math’s and Grammar and Rank in Olympiad Exam?

What is HLC planning to bring in 2017?

We are the harbingers of………….. Education which starts in India and spreads worldwide.

What are the various problems that can be solved by meditation?

Why should Teachers be powerful educators?

Why should our mind live in the present moment?

Why should teachers look presentable?

“Not conducting meditation in class is a serious compliance” Why?

What is the problem with other tutorials?

Who is the biggest cheat in the world? Why?

What is the meaning of kinesthetic kids?

How will we teach kinesthetic kids?

Why do we teach in a memorisable format in class?

How does the teacher teach in class?

How do we ensure that the kids mind is in the present moment?

Should the teacher memorise in class? Why?

Does the teacher need to check for prefect understanding?

What is the secret of perfect understanding for full marks?

How does Teacher check for understanding in long term memory?

Why should a definition be asked again and again in 15 minute interval?

How can you be convinced that the kids know the right answer?

What test has to be taken at the end of the session?

Spelling scores should be highlighted in the log book True /False

How will spellings improve?

How are chapters to be revised in the next 2 days?

Why are we high lighting Systematic revision in log book?

How should teachers Plan?

How many revisions is required for getting full marks in exam?

What is required to bring maximum change in a poor performer?

What is the biggest factor that can change the child?

What is the whole game about?

What is the mindset that the teacher should have?

A teachers mind should always be calm and cool at all times True/False

What can do wonders to any poor performer who is trying to succeed?

How does a mother look at the child who is learning how to walk?

What is the fixed belief of teachers?

When will teachers get a red card if there is result in child?

Why cant teachers have failure attitude for the child?

Most of the bigger kids who come to are ICU cases? True /False

What sort of analysis Teachers should do for bigger kids?

What are the various cases management has decided to deduct teachers pay?

Why are teachers the pillars of success for the child?

What is the daily home work for teachers?

Not conducting weekly test is  a compliance?

Poor quality Feedback from parents is a compliance?

Why should teacher understand the laws of nature?

How do you know the fruits of multiplication are infinite? Give Example

Why should a teacher think more than money?

“A teacher should have a keen sense of observation” what does the teacher needs to observe?

“Teachers Power India’s Power” Do you agree with the statement?

“Teachers should chose words with care” why?

What is the current education in India? Explain

What creates a poor economy?

Why do we have to raise the pay for teachers?

Why should a Teacher smile at the child when the class starts?

Why can’t teachers be given 4 kids at the start of the job?

How can we solve the problem of poor confidence?

Why should the teacher not show anger when the kid fails to understand after many repetitions?

“Anything that is monitored will change for better” Explain with examples

What is the objective of teachers log book? Explain in detail

……….critical document to diagnose the child’s learning pattern and problems that he is facing.

How does log book help to create a rectification plan? Explain

What does parents look for in HLC?

What do we learn from Analysis of answer paper? Explain

What can we analyze when the kids has written wrong answer?

What does spelling mistakes indicate?

Why should we “Ask the child why he left blanks or why he wrote wrong answers. “

“Kinesthetic kids needs oral discussion and then written practice” Explain

“Many a times the child does not know what to write even through the chapter has been done thoroughly. “ Explain why it happens to kinesthetic kids?

Why Kids are trained to read the question twice before writing the answers”

“State of mind during the exams is a very crucial factor for success.” Why Explain

How many hours should kids sleep before exam?

Why do kids talk in class/

………… is very important for faster completion of targets with set time lines

What does poor class control indicate?

Why should the teacher scold the kids for coming late after the class ends?

Why should rude behavior with kids lead to termination Explain?

Why are most of the kids in HLC lazy by nature?

Should physical punishment be encouraged in HLC? Why?

What should the teacher din in such cases: “kids are mocking the teacher’s poor achievements in life.”

Some kids have the habit of talking loudly in class and disturbing others? What should the teach do in such cases?

“Kids should not use ear phones” Explain

What is the objective of line byline questions? Explain

HLC Methodology actively engages learners ……………………

What is the best way to develop faster learning?

Why should parent’s expectation be reasonable? Explain

Why should we send teach back session video to parents

Why shouldn’t mistake in maths be told to the child immediately?

Why does Teacher want the child to find out the mistakes?

How do you know kids have poor observation skills in math’s?

Discuss why Teacher should make the child memorise in class?

Why should we ask meaning of tough words?

Why should kids make 5 sentences from tough words?

Why should we create a separate book for spellings?

Why should we create as separate book for sentences?

“Kids should listen to the BBC news for 15 minutes every day.” Why Explain

“The next day the child should narrate what he read in the newspaper and what he heard in the BBC news” Explain

“Verbal correction is more important than written correction” Explain the benefits

What is the best way to help the child to frame sentences?

How can we help in improving the visual skills in children in HLC?

How can we help kids to comprehend correctly and speak?

How can Teachers help the child to write essay?

“Many kids have a lot of ideas but cannot express logically in a sequence.”How will the teacher assist the child in such cases?

Many kids have the habit of writing present past future in one sentence. How do we solve such problems?

Ask kids what they are going to write and help them in framing sentence before they write down. Do you think it will help in better confidence?

“Read the line and ask questions immediately” Why should question be asked immediately?

What format of storing information we follow?

How can Teachers help in increasing the reasoning ability of kids to store information in an interesting format?

“Argue with the child to check whether the kid gives the right information” Why? Benefits explain

“Prompt the answers to help the child to answer in case they forget” why?

Why should we have timely rewards? Explain

We are personal performance trainers Explain

Are they better ways to create power kids? Explain

“How to make the student-teacher bond a strong one?” Explain

How to make the teaching style more interesting”. Please give your ideas

How to make teaching an enjoyable journey?

How can teachers help in improving the quality of deliverance?

 Teachers Exam Question paper for June 2015

  1. What is the objective of teachers log book? Explain in detail
  2. What is the meaning of kinesthetic kids and how will we teach kinesthetic kids?
  3. Why are we high lighting Systematic revision in log book?
  4. Why do we goal visualize?
  5. What improves emotional IQ between teacher and student?
  6. What is the objective of teachers log book? Explain in detail
  7. How does Quality analyze the teaching methodology?
  8. Why do we meditate? What are the benefits
  9. How do we ensure kids have superior feeling in class when the subject is taught in school?
  10. Why should our mind live in the present moment?
  11. What is the secret of perfect understanding for full marks?
  12. How will spellings improve? What is the new plan of action?
  13. What is the biggest factor that can change the child?
  14. What can do wonders to any poor performer who is trying to succeed?
  15. Why can’t teachers have failure attitude for the child?
  16. What sort of analysis Teachers should do for bigger kids?
  17. What is the daily home work for teachers?
  18. “A teacher should have a keen sense of observation” what does the teacher needs to observe?
  19. “Teachers Power India’s Power” Do you agree with the statement?
  20. How does log book help to create a rectification plan? Explain
  21. “Kinesthetic kids needs oral discussion and then written practice” Explain
  22. “Many a times the child does not know what to write even through the chapter has been done thoroughly. “ Explain why it happens to kinesthetic kids?
  23. “State of mind during the exams is a very crucial factor for success.” Why Explain
  24. Some kids have the habit of talking loudly in class and disturbing others? What should the teach do in such cases?
  25. HLC Methodology actively engages learners ……………………
  26. Why shouldn’t mistake in maths be told to the child immediately?
  27. How do you know that kids have poor observation skills in maths?
  28. “Read the line and ask questions immediately” Why should question be asked immediately?
  29. “Argue with the child to check whether the kid gives the right information” Why? Benefits explain
  30. How to make the teaching style more interesting”. Please give your ideas
  31. What is HLC Mission?
  32. If the child is demotivated “How will you motivate the child?
  33. If the child is not giving respect to teacher “How will you handle the situation?
  34. What are the qualities of a good teacher?

Questions for Quality Analyst

“Kids should not use ear phones” Explain

What is the objective of teachers log book? Explain in detail

What does parents look for in HLC?

Why should we “Ask the child why he left blanks or why he wrote wrong answers?”

………… is very important for faster completion of targets with set time line

“Not conducting meditation in class is a serious compliance” Why?

What is the meaning of kinesthetic kids and how will we teach kinesthetic kids?

Why do we teach in a memorisable format in class?

Should the teacher memorise in class? Why?

How does Teacher check for understanding in long term memory?

How will spellings improve?

Why are we high lighting Systematic revision in log book?

How should teachers Plan?

What can do wonders to any poor performer who is trying to succeed?

What is HLC Mission?

What does personal performance trainers deliver?

Why do we goal visualize?

What improves emotional IQ between teacher and student?

Why do children perform poorly in Exam?

Happy Learning Center Renowned Mass tutorials Time Tutorials:Home Tutor
4 Kids in a class  : 1 Teacher 30-150  : 1 Teacher 1 Kid  : 1 Teacher
One to one Teaching Too many kids in class One to one Teaching
Goal Oriented study Money Oriented study Time oriented Study
Interactive Education becomes fun learning Bombarding information make education  boring Reading format of information becomes boring
Quality Monitoring of Personal Attention in Class Nil Nil
Doubts resolved and recorded in  laptop Not resolving  doubts in class Poor  core issue resolution
Teach back session on recorded on kids Laptop Nil Nil
Laptop Revision for kids  Exam Nil Nil
Teaching at the Pace of child Teaching at the pace of syllabus Teaching on the basis of time
Perfect Teaching methodology for every Kid Poor Teaching Methodology Poor Teaching Methodology
Teaching on the basic Learning cycle time Too fast for most kids understand Too fast for most kids understand
Childs takes competition with full confidence Too many children in class makes children lose confidence Children don’t feel competitive studying alone
Daily Feedback of kids performance Nil Nil
Recorded Lectures  for  Revision at home Nil Nil
Daily Goal Visualization  session Nil Nil
Memory Techniques for super learning Nil Nil
Goal visualization session Nil Nil
Daily Meditation Nil Nil
Unlimited hours of study Limited Hours of classes Limited hours of  study
High Quality Performance  Motivators Nil Nil
Daily Feedback of kids performance Nil Nil
Daily Assessment of error Tracking Nil Nil
You Tube Education  : Research Nil Nil
Recorded Lectures in Kids Laptop for Revision @home Nil Nil
Teaching: Different Strokes for different  folks Same style of Teaching for all Same style of Teaching for all
Perfect Teaching methodology Poor Teaching Methodology Poor Teaching Methodology
Teaching Through Brain mapping Nil Nil
Mapping of Personal Goals Nil Nil
Teaching on the basic Learning cycle time Too fast for most kids undertand Too fast for most kids understand
Teaching at Pace of child Teaching at the pace of syllabus Not with pace of child
World  best Researched materials Nil Nil
Memorisable format of learning in class Reading format of learning in class Reading format of learning in class
No memorisation required at home Full  learning required at home Full  learning required at home
No Home work Home work to be done Home work to be done
Systematic scientific revision Techniques Nil Nil
Daily Monitoring of teachers Effectiveness Nil Nil
Trained for  Perfection in Service Delivery Poor Grade of Teachers in General Poor Grade of teacher in general
Worlds best Specialist Teachers in subjects Poor Grade of Teachers One teacher teaching all subjects
 Daily Performance Monitoring for teachers Nil Nil
Quality Monitoring of every kid in class Nil Nil
Solution for  Learning Disability Nil Nil
World Best Psychology /Counselors Support Nil Nil
Quality Time gives Quality Result Poor Results Poor Results
Monthly Training  Assessment for  Teachers Nil Nil
Parents Monitoring of  kids on Mobile NIl Nil
Monitoring of kids on camera Nil Nil
Reasonable  rate Lower rate Higher rate @500-1000/ hr
Effective Scientific Mode of Education Ineffective mode of education Ineffective mode of education
World Psychology / Counselors Support Nil Nil
Full Understanding of subjects Poor Understanding Poor Understanding
Full Value  for Money Poor  Value for money Not satisfied
Success rate 100% Success rate 5-10% Success rate 5-15%
Daily Champs Appreciation Nil Nil
Daily Complimentary Delicious snacks Nil Nil
Our  Kids Participate in World Competition Nil Nil
NASA Kids competition Nil Nil
Weekly Champs Performance Reward Nil Nil
Monthly Champs Reward Nil Nil
Quarter Champs Reward Nil Nil
Students Plays the Role of Teachers Nil Nil
Highly Satisfied Parents Poor satisfaction Poor satisfaction
100% Doubts cleared Doubts not cleared in class Poor understanding of doubts
Super Confident Child Poor Confidence Poor Confidence
Superior subject Knowledge Poor subject knowledge Poor subject knowledge
Personality Development Nil Nil
No brokers involved No Brokers involved Tuition Broker involved
100% Achievement  Poor Results Poor Results
Recorded Teach back session for kids Nil Nil
Creating Winning Attitude in Kids Nil Nil
Improving Listening skills in class Nil Nil
Memory Techniques for super learning Nil Nil
Goal Visualization for Kids & Parents Nil Nil
 Motivation lectures for kids Goals in life Nil Nil
Life skills training Nil Nil
Mastery of subjects Poor Understanding Poor Understanding
Full Understanding of subjects Poor Understanding Poor Understanding
Maths Olympiad champs Nil Nil
English Olympiad champs Nil Nil
Parents Meditation course Nil Nil
Parents Goal Visualisation sessions Nil Nil
Earn and learn options for senior kids Nil Nil
Teaching orphan kids during  holidays Nil Nil
NASA space Camp Trip selection Nil Nil
Eligible to apply for NASA Space Schools Nil Nil
Free HLC education for life on merit sponsorship Nil Nil
Chelsea soccer club players Nil Nil
Nehru Science center trips Nil Nil
Discounted rates for NASA Space camps Nil Nil
Mind Mapping Techniques Nil Nil
Taking part in Zepher Aero events Nil Nil
IIT aviation day participation Nil Nil
Fly by Ideas  By Airbus  competition in France Nil Nil
NASA Design Competition in US Nil Nil
Robotics workshops Nil Nil
Aeromodelling by Aerotrix Nil Nil

Transform poor performers/ADHD Tutorials / solution center for learning problems of kids /True educators

We are a High performance premium tutorial teaching only 4 kids a batch. We teach from STD1 to 12 all subjects all boards. We are specialist in Olympiads exams. We also teach one to one for higher classes. We also have tailor made class to suit kids requirements. Many parents bring their kids with various learning problems. We have counseling sessions for kids problems like depression, poor performance, not interested in studies, Hyper active kids, ADHD etc

We are the only tutorial that works on the overall development of the Childs success. We make kids logically and creative foundation at an early age.

We offer 7 benefits in one English class which no tutorial offers, spoken English, vocabulary builder, meanings, antonyms, make sentences, cre     ative writing of essays and story writing. We teach our all kids spoken English for a few minutes every day along with the school syllabus. We have a recorded teach back session by kids sent to parents as proof of teaching. Every kid has board practice to display smartness and confidence for personality development. We analyse the learning pattern and teach at the pace of the child before the schools teaches in their learning format. We ensure systematic revision to make all kids winners in life.

We have IIT maths foundation from class 5 onwards where we work on the basics of thinking and making mental calculation faster. We have a special batch for mastering reading writing and vocabulary for smaller kids.

Daily meditation increases the memory power of kids. Daily goal visualization makes kids run towards their goals effortlessly. Huge positive energy is created by group meditation.

We have a quality monitoring department to monitor the daily progress of student’s performance. Our tutorial transforms poor performing kids into top performers. Teachers are personal performance trainers.

We spend a lot of time training our teachers for perfect delivery of education. We cater to the personal growth and development towards the child’s goal. We teach our kids observation skills in a fun learning methodology by taking them out for English movies. We teach them to imbibe Heros qualities. Kids learn to express confidently on stage .

We are in the process of starting space Exploration camp in Thane. We are looking for more investors to join us.

Kids Entrepreneurship

We believe in teaching Robotics on weekends as life skills to be innovative. We encourage kids to take part in international events which will promote the next generation careers.

Website :Happylearningcenter.in

Thane west, Maharashtra

Richa 9833413084 /9820223970

Checklist for Dyslexia:

Quality Analyst should send mail to all teachers the check list for dyslexia.Teachers should read and memorize the check list.

Read the Book Think and Grow Rich and answer the self analysis questions