start building a real plane

Aeromodeling with Shubham

It’s time that we scrap the paper planes and start building a real plane that flies too.
We bring you a series of Aeromodeling workshop
You’ll get to learn the concrete basics of Aeromodeling, steps to design a plane.
We’ll teach y’all how to build one too that can be controlled with a remote?
Price: 2.5k per student.
Takeaway: Brief knowledge of the basics of flying and designing an RC aeroplane with hands on experience in making one. They’ll get to fly the aeroplane too with first practice on a special simulator.
Let’s start 2017 with Flying?✈
Price You can bring it down if you feel so
For the prototype that we build in the workshop
We require minimum 3k So We’ll build one plane that will be worked upon by a group of 5 or 10 students.

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