Space Academy


Space Academy
S.1 – S.6  or  Grade 7 – Grade 12

Space Academy is an increased intensity program of astronaut and mission training and academics. Simulated missions to a space station and crew rotation highlight the week.

Trainees who want to be Astronauts must learn to think like astronauts and our Space Academy Programs are designed to do just that! Participants will have three fields of specialized study (or track options) to choose from: AVIATION, SPACE, and ROBOTICS tracks. Team-Building skills, Space Simulators Training and Space Shuttle Mission Training are just a few of the activities we have waiting for you.

Space Track

SPACE ACADEMY campers in the Space Track have the opportunity to complete an additional Space Shuttle/Space Station Mission as a member of a different crew (Mission Control, Space Shuttle or Space Station).

  • Conduct the same types of experiments that are performed on the ISS.
  • Design your own space station in the computer lab.
  • Find out how to locate the ISS and other objects of interest in the night sky.

Are you ready for the ultimate challenge? Show you have what it takes in the Space Shuttle Mission Competition.

Space & Aviation Track

Learn the basics of flight dynamics, wilderness survival and teamwork. Experience some of the same training all fighter and test pilots go through. Spend time in our high-performance jet fighter simulators learning how to put your jet through its paces.

What makes an airplane fly? We’ll teach you the principles of flight, not in the classroom, but standing next to the real thing: F-14, F-16, T-38 and more!

For more information of the space academy, you can visit our photo galleryMoviesdetailed weekly training scheduleand detailed program description.

Sample Daily Schedule – Space Academy
06:30 AM Wake-Up
07:00 AM Prep for Day
07:30 AM Breakfast
08:00 AM Rocket Construction Part 1
10:00 AM Gemini
10:30 AM Mission
11:30 AM Multi- AxisTrainer
12:30 PM Lunch
01:00 PM Crew Systems
02:00 PM Teambuilding
02:30 PM Travel
03:00 PM Prebrief
03:30 PM Sim 1 Take-Off / Landing
05:00 PM Travel
05:30 PM Dinner
06:00 PM Rocket Construction 2
07:00 PM Script Practice
08:00 PM White Room
08:30 PM Atlantis Mission Alpha
10:30 PM Debrief / Prep Bed

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