RACE Innovation High Technology Personalized Premium School

RACE Innovation Preschools is a Super Premium School for personalized learning at the child’s pace for innovation in India for kids Aged 1 to 6 years.

RACE Innovation Preschools  provides an active, bright, and cheerful learning environment.We understand the importance of presenting children with exciting innovative concepts and ideas.We give them freedom to experiment and explore with future gadgets like Robots , Aero planes , Space Crafts ,Cockpit ,Automobiles,Mobile Apps etc to ignite their imagination.

Our International curriculum for RACE Innovation  schools have trained Teachers  to use innovative methods to help each child reach their full academic, creative and social potential.

Our kids are subjected to huge doses of Robotics Aeromodelling Automobiles,Coding and Entrepreneurship.

We have all the Hamley’s toys for the kids to play and have fun all day, so parents save money.

We are in the process of Partnering with premier Library services for the latest Books and CDS.

We have PANIN Glass Photonic Auditoriums for the Kids to watch movies without spoiling their eyes since its is an Innovative green product that replaces the old digital screens which have harmful radiation and creates negative energy.Children can learn how to dance through these screens without a dance teacher making them reach advance stages in Dancing very soon .

We create videos of kids how they are able to express a story and display to parents on weekends.

We have parents guidance system for the weeks classes for revision through natural means of question and answers  through whatapp to check for prefect understanding of the kids understanding of events happening in his life.

They find it very difficult to manage a balance between business and personal life.They are always looking for the best facility for their kids growth.They try to hide their loss of parenthood time by buying or fulfilling all the demands of kids thinking that this is the best ways to express love and affection.Its like watering a plant beyond  its natural requirement leading to stagnation and untimely death of the plant.Parent and kids relation is of utmost importance in the current times of emotional instability in every house leading to poor self esteem, loss of confidence at an early age leading to depression and suicide. They have little time to manage their little potential in able hands for the next generation careers.

A domestic servant cannot manage the inner potential of the child which is the biggest blunder that parent make to manage their careers.

We have a 5 Star rated Personalized Creche & Canteen with 24/7 service. Many parents pick their breakfast and lunch & Dinner from our canteen since they are very hygienic and mom cooked meals. We understand the needs of Modern parents who are always jet setting business targets.

We have specialized managers to assist working mothers in their busy schedule to manage kids . They can drop their kids with us  when they go on a business or personal trip to take care of studies and well being.

We have the best in class service rated Homeopathy  Doctors and Nurse in house who analyse the kids health and well being .

We celebrate all our kids birthdays in Royal style in the evening from 4 pm to 9 pm with  all the kids in schools to create a great family bonding environment for life.Many new kids get to see our state of art center of excellence and want to join our schools.

Most of the parents have made some great friends in our school partnership program where parents can help us with tier skill sets an create a business opportunity for financial independence.

We promote Women Entrepreneurship on Sat and Sun for sarees and Khadhi Gram Udyog ,Cooking classes etc.

Hands-on activities encourage creativity and growth.

Children learn how to handle pets such as rabbits and birds andrespect the animals with adult supervision.

We focus on social and emotional well-being. Caring more for others is a very important part of social development at an early age.

We have highly experienced teachers to create  an empowering educational environment for young learners.Lot of Emphasis is placed on development and growth of the child as a whole. Children learn and flourish in a happy, fun-loving and creative environment, developing their skills with a natural passion for learning.

We provide an holistic pre-primary education in British English,German,French,Spanish for future international exposure to various culture.

We support  regional language development which is incorporated into the preschool curriculum.

Parents can become owners of the school by paying one year advance fees lacs and then any extra recurring cost for maintenance as direct debit.We will be the first preschool to run as a social venture as NGO.

Please  note that all capital cost and monthly cost are area based.We are a high cost and High performance business model for service delivery.We have ladies cabs for Ola service.

We are a trust so we do not work with the motive to make profits. All accounts are update daily in the website for complete transparency.

We are the highest pay masters in the planet. We recruit only the cream in the market through artificial intelligence.

Teachers go through stringent test at the time for enrollment. We have weekly assessment for competency with our international partners . We give yellow card and Red card like a game to make sure teachers are always on high performance mode.

We have all personalized CCTV cameras for each kid on website for Quality & Monitoring and study of behavior patterns. We have a Quality & Monitoring staff  for performance and feedback for all Teachers on a daily basis

Parents are advised to criticize our system as much you can to improve our performance to perfection.

This will result in zero defect service delivery.

We are happy to schedule a visit for you!

Our Happy Managers will guide you for various options to join our venture.