Preschool Parents Introduction

Welcome to the world of Innovation!

We are the pioneers for RACE Innovation Preschools in India for Personalised learning at the pace of the child.We want to spread India’s True Gurukul education which existed for many centuries.

We are in the process of replicating all the good practices in the world to create a “New India “for “The Next Generation Innovators”

Self Reliance in our Country: 

A country where kids never leave their homeland to adopt another for Green card. NRI kids treat parents like useless baggage when they fall sick.Patriotic feeling for country has not been developed in childhood in schools.

We make our parents feel like owners of school running our finances in a cooperative style where parents pay 20 advancefeesas donation to take care of capital and operating costs.

Donation are Tax Exempt: 

We have applied for 125 % tax exemption which we should get next year.

Class Size:

We have 10 kids per class with 2 teachers in a class for personalised learning experience.

We have only4 kids a batch for personalised attention which needed during the early years for the perfect growth of brain development in the first 8 years.


Foreign Languages:


We teach 10 foreign languages in the first 5 years of schooling.


Quality Monitoring Team Six Sigma: 

We have a powerful Quality Monitoring Team who monitors every kids video individually for learning analysis.

Founders Views:

Our founder Anil Kumar who is a Vipassana Meditator and who has done more than 50 courses of 10 days meditation in Igatpuri.

He lives like a monk. He is an ardent follower of Gandhi principles.

He does not believe that schools should be run like a profitable venture.He believes that a group of parents or some corporate body pay for the expenses of the school .He believes that kids can create funds by skill based job and fund the schools operation cost schools can run without any funds if all kids know how to create funds to run the school efficiently.

He is a Black belt in Six Sigma from Indian Statistical Institute Mumbai.He was regarded the topmost ideators of Accenture and ICICI bank.

He believes that schools should first teach discipline of mind through meditation.We should then teach knowledge that can transform the inherent skills in every kid for skill building for Entrepreunership for self reliance at an early age.

He believes in practical training than just checking mindless memorisation theoretical facts for examination.Like a Gurukul system in olden days he believes examination reduces creativity.He believes in repeating information again and again till the information is memorised naturally.

He reminds us again and again “what’s the value of kids when they are 22 years only” “10 to 15 k Is it enough to make a lifestyle”.

Our object is to create a scientific environment for better development of mind and body.

We offer the highest quality products and service to parents in a non profit format of running a school where parents play an important role of improving  service delivery.

We have a 5 star rated Creche & Canteen with 24 /7 with doctor and nurse to take care in emergency situation.

Parents get Mom cooked meals as Lunch  / Dinner  @ 8 AM / PM.

We have Ola Pick /Drop Facilty with lady drivers on call for registered service.

We have mobile app for Monitoring on Mobile for Kids activity.

International Teacher Training:  

Wehave a set of Teachers who are the highest paid in the market @ 1 lacs to deliver the highest standard of teaching.

Six Sigma Service Delivery:

Please find the attached Parameters of Quality Standards for 96 pages that are followed in our school.All process documents are on website for RTI.

We have highly qualified staff who are trained by International Educators from world wide networks of consultants.

We have a Six sigma compliant process controls in place. We have Teachers complaints management system displayed for further analysis. We have controls placed to reduce errors in service delivery.

International counseling standards:

We have international standards for counseling from Harp Institute online for poor learners which is a common problem in kids in the current generation.

Heart to Heart  Marketing 

We encourage referrals through word of mouth publicity as good things spread very fast when competitors cannot give 10% of what we offer.

We use Digital marketing for maximum benefit on media channels like Facebook to convert parent who will compareour service rendered with other schools etc

Who we are:

We run a Super premium tutorial Happy Learning Center for the last 20 years teaching 4 kids a batch to poor learners making them toppers in school.

We are meditators of Vipassana Meditation center and spend time doing social work to bring peace in the society.

Transparent Accounts : 

All our accounts are displayed in a transparent manner in the website.


Income Tax benefit:

We are a Trust for R & D who has applied for 125 % Tax benefits for Donation only.



Poor Indian Mentality is the cause of Poverty:

Indian mentality is always known for cheap service in volumes.

We get to see mass tutorials taking money and not giving results as what they promised in advertisements.

Japanese Story of Quality 

When you think of buying TV ? Why does Sony Come to your mind?Quality Speaks Volumes for a 6 Years old too.

Sony is a company that will never disappoint its customers.

Our Motivation:

We are starting our business with a positive note and expect parents to critically Analyse every step so we become perfect in days to come.Quality is a mind set that has to be drilled from childhood to produce perfect product and services

The world order has changed for the best things to start in India.

We are the world first Six Sigma compliant process in perfection in school education.

We teach Finland based  Education for innovation.

We teach Japanese based Education for Perfection on job.

We look for teachers who are highly innovative in nature.

We are a Theme based Preschools for Robotics Aeromodelling Coding &Entrepreunership. ( RACE ) to cater to the  highly paid lines of business in the world.

Please find the attached PPT Quality document for preschools.

Please find the Business PPT for Preschool operation for your perusal.

Please Call Richa 9833413084 after reading through our criteria.

Bank Account RTGS / NEFT / IMPS

Happy Learning Educational Trust,

IFSI Code : ICIC0000927, 

ICICI Current Account : 092705000420,

Branch Emerald Plaza,Hiranandani Meadows ,Majiwade ,Thane 4000607

 Getting started

“We are  Conquer of the Galaxies’