Our Team

Anil Kumar, Director of Happy Learning Center.

Anil Kumar is the Topmost Disruptive Scientist in the World with the Highest patent creators in all the companies he has worked. He lives like a SPACE MONK who loves to donate all his patents to his kids and people who want it for Name, Fame & Money.

He is a Six Sigma Black Belt Quality professional for Process Improvement. He worked as a chief manager in ICICI bank for 3 years. He transformed a Banking into a High-Performance Business Engine with all his ideas. He was recognized as a topmost Ideator and innovator in Accenture for his unique Highly Innovative Disruptive Business Model development to blow competitors business with the launch of New Tiger versions for tenth Industrial revolution products and Services. He is creating an Online High Technology Scientific Personalised Learning Center to teach at the pace of each child learning ability with perfection and Brilliance and Excellence in service delivery Matrix. He believes that Social Entrepreneurship can create ABUNDANCE which can create FREE  LIVING for all in the Planet. He strongly believes that WORLD CARE is an important social responsibility is Everybody’s Responsibility. Anil is an ardent follower of TRUTH within through vipassana meditation center. He has transformed more than 18 K lives through social work on weekends to create a better society. He Believes in Leading by EXAMPLE.

Let us BE CHANGE NOW! JOIN US in The World First FREE Education Project in 2020.

Richa Kumar, Founder of Happy Learning Center.

Richa is the Highest paid Teachers in India. She is Special Educators for Learning problems since 1999. She has the infinite ability to transform poor learners into top performers in schools. She handles Dyslexic & Autism Kids with ease.

She Teaches them Vipassana Meditation to improve focus.

She gives Counselling for Parents who come from distant places.

She teaches 4 Kids in a Batch with powerful observation skills to note learning problems and Behavioral problems.
People come from far of places like Dubai and America to study from her during Vacation time at a very high rate. She rejects most of the new business as her hands are full.
She is creating a Teachers Training Center to teach the way she teaches for one month in Thane Hiranandani Estate.
People call her our Learning Center “Magic Tuitions” when people see the results in just a week.
She teaches in small batches with sumptuous meals and snacks served in-house like a part-time while studying which keep kids studying longer hours. She takes Kids for Movies if they perform well in schools and competition. She offers kids FREE Robotics Coaching for International Competition for becoming Top performers in school.
She was the most sought after teacher for Singhania schools Entrance Exams. She used to charge the Highest in the market and all her kids used to breeze through the toughest Exams with ease since she teaches 3 standards higher in 3 months timeline.
All Kids have to Teach back session on Mobile Camera.
We have Thanks Giving every day where some Kids go to Orphanages and teach what they learned in our learning center every day.
Every kid teaches back to others to learn teaching skills and systematic revision with leadership qualities training.
We have numerous testimonials on youtube for he success as a POWERFUL EDUCATOR.
She wishes to start a Normal School for all Hyperactive Kids and Dyslexia and Autism. We are looking for Kids with Einstein-like Qualities who are poor learners in schools with a very high divergent thinking ability.
We are opening a High Technology Scientific Schools for Poor learners at the pace of each child.
We have 4 kids a batch and teach in the same manner in Millennium Preschool hours in Thane schools from 2 pm to 5 pm.
We are partnering with Florida Virtual Schools to start in July 2019 in Hiranandani Estate.



Veena Dewani is the Director of Moon City Mission Schools.
She is very Passionate about Moon Mission Programs.
She has done BTech Black belt in Six Sigma.She  worked in Six Sigma in Pepsi.She has mentored 30 projects in Six sigma.She has tried herself on Design Thing and is a Knowledge Expert and a Fantastic Story teller
She practises spirituality for world peace and harmony as a life coach.she motivates people to have a purpose in life and run the R.A.C.E.
She is a Black Belt Six Sigma.


Ms.Firoza loladia




Mrs. Kavya Valluri (Kavya Vaddadi)

  • Aerospace Engineer,
  • Consultant
  • Design Engineer, and CFD analyst in Vaddadi Engineering Design and Analysis Services (VEDAS) Company.
  • Head of Education & Awareness, Ancient Technology Division, Marks Aerospace, and Marine Services.
  • scientific advisor in London Vedic research institute

She has presented her aerospace engineering research papers in many international conferences.

She is Author of the books “Vimanas and the Wars of the Gods”

And “Reverse Engineering Vedic Vimanas”.

Her research received Appreciation from some of the famous DRDO, ISRO, NASA scientists and rocket technologists.

Her name is Recorded as“ Marvellous Design Engineer of Vimana Project, Noida”

in “Marvellous Records Book of India”.

Lectures on Vimana Shastra Given till now:

  • Space Camp by Space Society Education Research and Development in

Oakridge International School

  • GITAM University
  • Bharatam Reawakening Organization

She has 8 years experience in research on Reverse Engineering ancient aerospace technology. She has recreated Marutsakha vimana model, it is tested in Wind Tunnel at California university by (Aerospace systems Engineer) Travis Tailor, Giorgio Tsoukalos, (TV Personality, producer) and proven viable aerodynamic structure and It is flight worthy. The manufacturing of her vimana model and testing has been telecasted in the episode “Voices of the Gods” Ancient Aliens History channel.

Her Aerospace research works have also been described in some famous English and Telugu newspapers and TV shows.



Mr. Aniket Jain
Aniket Jain is a High Technology Disruptive Space Mission  Scientist  who want to go to Moon City Mission 2023.

He has created the World First Wireless Charging Devices for any electronic gadgets.

He plans to install all over the city for RACE FREE WIFI projects with Builders Complexes.
He believes in the Concept of FREE LIVING ABUNDANCE.His first POC  ie Proof of Concept will be implemented in Resorts in Igatpuri & Thane by 2020.
He plans to install in Railways, Airports, Highways, Buses, Local Trains, Schools.
He plans to use this invention in Tesla Electric Cars for Charging Cars on the Move through Solar Roads and Lamppost.
He has Planned to Disrupt the Indian Railways with Solar Electric Trains in 2020.
He is already in talks with various builders for covering the Buildings with solar cells to create Zero Electric Bills Homes.
He is creating a R.A.C.E. Pineapple Communication Devices which is a Billion dollar project in the pipeline in final stages for launch in 2020 with the Military.
This is the most Disruptive Communication device to run on WIFI signals reducing the Chances of CANCER and serious mental problems from High Satellite Mobiles usage.
He regarded as “ The Indian Elon Musk ” who shares similar Goals like his Mentor a Himalayan MONK Founder of R.A.C.E. 
He wishes to be a Billionaire with a difference. A Man who is simple Humble and approachable. He Donates 10 % of his income every day to the Poor Needy Handicaps and Provides FREE Meals to all every day in the R.A.C.E. Schools

Dr. Dattaji K. Shinde 

He is the  Chief Scientist working for Moon City

Mission Programs 2023 & Mars City Mission 2025.

He is the Founder of Startup India with

R.A.C.E. Entrepreneurship in VJTI  offering High-Cost Jobs to the Engineers.

He is now working on Zero Pollution Aircrafts with HYDRON Technology with all Aircraft Manufacturing Companies.

He is the most Disruptive Scientist in R-VTOL Air Taxi Projects in 2020-21 where all Engineering student has 3 D Printed parts making the Lightest Electric Air Crafts Disrupting the Aviation Industry with low-cost flying.

He is also the Head of Production Engineering Department in VJTI Mumbai.

President for MHRD’s Institutions Innovation Council and a Coordinator for Swach Bharat Abhiyan

Worlds  Best Nano Engineering IIT Scientist who did his Ph.D. from A & T State University Greensboro North Carolina, USA.

He is the Editorial Board Member of World Academy of Science Engineering & Technology USA (WASET).



Mrs. Raina Khatri Tandon
Director R.A.C.E. Women Entrepreneurship Trainers.

She is the most Disruptive Educator Conducting International Motivational Training for Entrepreneurship in the World.
She Conducts Powerful Emotional Women Mentorship for Internship Programs in Colleges. She is an Innovative Design Thinker for Next Generation R.A.C.E. Business Model Strategies. She is a Highly Motivating speaker who has transformed more than 8 K lives with Financial Happiness Quotient. She is a Passionate Trainer who loves to Conduct Emotional Training Session which is Highly effective
“How to become a Super Women”
Leadership Training for Women Entrepreneurship for Simple Home Based Business with High-Income generation.

She aims to transform the Lives of millions of Women through Mastery of Relationship Workshops Online.
She also conducts Stress Management Workshops. She Believes that “ Your thoughts can change your life “
“be the change now, You are the Leader of your Life. Every person has a Tiger within, Be A Tiger Now “.
She helps every woman to gain Financial Freedom in schools through the R.A.C.E. projects in India.
She says “Women Power is World Power.”
” Its only Women who have the privilege to give Birth to another Life”

Kashyap Kumar is the Worlds Youngest  Disruptive Social Entrepreneur from 9 years.
A man who crossed all boundaries of thinking in infinity.
He solved the world’s biggest challenges through simple innovation techniques.
He pushes massive dreams into simple actionable baby steps. His simple ideas for Process improvements creates tremendous technological impact with huge Cultural changes for Better living with ABUNDANCE.
The Water Problem in the World with Solar Glass Magnification Dome Converting Building Sewage into Pure Water & Pure Fertiliser.
The Glass Magnification Dome Floaters Creates Pure water from Sea water or River water.
Mars Mission Glass Magnification Dome with hallow Earthen walls like Pots gives a cooling effect naturally saving huge cost in air-conditioning systems. 
He will create the World First Natural Air Conditioned Green House in Mohave Desert as Proof of Concept in 2020.
 His Mars Mission 2025 Plans inspires millions to follow the IMPOSSIBLE path.
The founder of Mars Express World Innovation Institute. R.A.C.E. AI Research Labs in Boston & Space Drome in Igatpuri , Research for Disaster Developments Council Boards for Forest Fire,R.A.C.E. Medical Research in Fremont , R.A.C.E. DNA Testing Centre, R.A.C.E. Talent Development Centre in Schools & Colleges, R.A.C.E. Light Commercial Electric Aircrafts , Kashyap lives in the 10th Industrial Revolution in 2050 where technological landscape for Business is infinite for Inter Galaxy Travels through Teleportation.
He is creating Socialistic companies that make a true impact in Complexes and Villages transforming Capitalism into Socialism. He is transforming Poverty into Prosperity with simple “Business Design Thinking “changes in society for Togetherness. He believes a Happy Family that Eats Together, Stays Together, Loves Together, Enjoys Making Money Together, Sleeps Peacefully at Night.
Kashyap believes “Imagination is the First Step for Innovation for Infinity”

 Nabhan M.Fakrudin


Nabhan is the Worlds Youngest Director for Space Mission programs.
He currently studying in Standard 12, graduated from

Kendriya Vidyalaya Hebbal High school in Bangalore.

He won the National Children’s Science Congress Contest India at Open Nationals.
He is an RC Pilot doing research to make the most powerful Rocket

Propulsion Systems for Moon City Mission Launch in 2023.
He is doing research on HYDRON aircrafts which can be used in Inter Galaxy Space Technology for Mars Mission programs in 2025 Launch.
He is an active member of The Society for Space Education Research & Development.
He is doing research with PHD scholars in the Dynamic of AI in Flight Computers with various Universities for controlling movement of the Rocket .
He plans to work On Nuclear Power Generation Technologies in MIT Boston labs in USA. As well as develop Propulsion Systems for Moon City Mission.