Hall of Fame

HLCLogo Power Kids Hall of Fame


Yesh Datar Billabong school Spell Bee champ International level  (age 8 years )

Sakia Kumar Full marks in all subjects in Singhania school, (age 7 years)

Tanmay Patil got full marks in Maths and English.(age 10 years)

Ved for going  up to State level in Spell Bee from Lodha Public School.(age 9 years)

Yesh for getting First Rank in Maths & English  in  Billabong school.(age 9 years)

Manya Jha for getting  second Rank in class 5 in Maths Olympiad in Hiranandani school.(She hated Maths 5 months before when she joined us now in Singhania school  Class 6) ,(age 11 years)

Arohi for getting  Second Rank Spell bee in DAV school ( 74/75 ).(age 8 years)

Tanishka  for getting 10th Rank in Science Olympiad in Universal school.(age 7 years)

Malishka  for getting full marks in all subjects in Laurel school .(age 7 years)

Adiba  for showing exceptional improvement in English & Maths  from Vasant Vihar High school .(age 6 years)

Shakya  for getting full marks in Maths & English in Singhania School.(age 7 years)

Ananya for getting A+ in all subjects in DAV school .(age 8 years)

Kashyap for getting full marks in Singhania school class 6  Maths , English & History.(age 11 years)

Atharwa for  showing exceptional improvement  in  Singhania school class 6 English .(age 11 years)

She plays the role of the youngest Trainer & Goal Visualising master in the world in  Singhania school every day (age 7 years)

Shubam Prasad  for showing exceptional improvement in Maths and Science Lokpuram School ,class 10 (age 14 years)

Ankit Warang for showing exceptional improvement in  English ,Maths and Science,History & Geography in  Singhania  School ,class 8 (age 12 years)

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