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There is one program available for foreign nationals.  The JPL Visiting Student Researchers Program. 
In order to participate in these programs you must be a graduate level student pursuing a master’s degree or a Ph.D.  You must have a pre-existing collaboration with a JPL research project, and in addition you must be invited by a JPL researcher to continue this project work at JPL.    
If you do not already have this pre-existing collaboration with a JPL project, then you may explore the Web of Science database to find JPL research and a researcher you might be interested in. You can then reach out directly to the JPL researcher to see if they might be able to sponsor you at JPL.  
Please see the details and requirements, here: 
If you obtain an opportunity, the JPL International Office will provide the necessary paperwork to apply for a visa to intern at JPL if needed.
For answers to further questions please review our FAQs.
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