ISRO Opportunity


Announcement of Opportunity (AO) for Establishing ISRO Chair at Institutes

The Indian Space programme has the primary objective of developing space technology and application programmes to meet the developmental needs of the country. This involves development of various technologies, realization of new designs, development through extensive analysis and validation of the designs through experimental, computational set-ups and qualifying such designs for space applications. Apart from developing technologies in high technology areas using in-house resources, ISRO also utilizes the intellectual base available in the Indian industries, academia and autonomous research establishment.

ISRO has a long standing association with academia in the ongoing activities and it is essential to strengthen the existing association with academia and also to expand the foot print of space activities in the country. Accordingly, ISRO is in the process of setting up of six ISRO Chairs at Academia to cater to the emerging technology development needs.

ISRO solicits proposal from the Academic Institutes to set up ISRO Chair in response to this Announcement of Opportunity call for establishment of the ISRO Chairs.