High paying Jobs

High paying Jobs for Innovation Mindset Robotics,Aeromodelling,Mobile Apps

We offer the highest pay to Campus recruitment 2017 of Engineers for Robotics,Aeromodelling,Mobile Apps, @ 1 to 5 lacs pm Entrepreunership Opportunity.

You have to create patents and copyrights for kids through ideation and training in 10 months .

WE have Talent hunt competition from 2018 June for selection for gifted kids into our Space School in 2019 June.

You will be teaching school kids Age 6 to 14 years in Innovation Centres in school in 1000 cities pan India.

We charge Rs 2500 per class per kid per day for 2.5 hours for 200 days training

i.e. 5 lacs.

Engineers PayWe pay our engineers weekly online @ Rs 2500 per per class for 2.5 hours

An engineer can take Before school and Afters school program in all schools conducting Innovation classes from 7 am to 9 pm i.e. 5 classes in a day

All engineer are monitored by Quality and Monitoring team for performance Management through recored session for daily feed back and team building activities and leadership skills.They charge Rs500 an hour for feedback and analysis

Please send cv to spaceschoolcv@gmail.com