Integrating Mindfulness into Education

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Dear Friends,

Once again we have some very special news to share with you! Mette Bahnsen, a filmmaker in Denmark, has made a wonderful film about integrating mindfulness into education called “Healthy Habits of Mind“.
This beautifully produced movie, freely available on YouTube and Vimeo, covers several important areas:
Neuroscience: leading neuroscientist Dr. Richard Davidson explains the science behind mindfulness and how mindfulness can positively impact happiness and well-being in youth.
In-Class Instruction: see kindergarten teacher Renee Harris (a Mindful Schools Curriculum Training graduate) teaching several different mindfulness exercises in her Berkeley, California public school classroom. These activities include mindful breathing, listening, eating, movement, and heartfulness.
Training for Educators: the film peeks into a Mindful Schools Curriculum Training course taught by Program Directors Megan Cowan and Chris McKenna.
The Value of Mindfulness in Education: interviews with Megan Cowan, Renee Harris, and Dr. Richard Davidson explain why mindfulness is such an invaluable asset in schools.

“Healthy Habits of Mind”, like “Room to Breathe“, is a tremendous resource for sharing the value of mindfulness with colleagues, friends, parents, and mindfulness advocates.

To learn more and watch “Healthy Habits of Mind”, please visit:
We highly recommend watching the 41-minute film in its entirety, but if you’re unable to do that, the web page includes a list of highlights by time so you can easily view sections of interest.
If you’re inspired to try a Curriculum Training course, our last one for 2013 is a 6-week online session from Nov. 5 to Dec. 10.  To learn more about our courses, including our Year-Long Certification (the Summer 2014 – Summer 2015 session will be announced shortly), please visit you have any course questions, or want to register a group, please

Thank you for your time. We wish you all the very best in the amazing work you’re doing to share mindfulness with youth in your lives!

Randima (Randy) Fernando

Executive Director, Mindful Schools

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