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Home based Premium Tutorial
Home based Premium Tutorial

We are a High Performance

Home based Premium Tutorial

specialised in teaching for Singhania School Entrance Exam from 2006 in , Edenwoods Complex .

We teach our kids 2-3 standards higher  in a few months to ensure that they fulfill their dreams of getting into the prestigious Smt Singhania School which is  considered the Best school in India by Parents in Thane.

 Every year out of the top 100 rank holders in ICSE Board in India, 60 kids come from Singhania School.

There is tough competition of around 2000 kids applying for just 10 seats every year for every standard with a strike rate of 0.5 % for Singhania school Entrance Exam.Every year we have 4 – 5 power kids in every standard who get admission in the school year after year successfully.

We have a unique methodology of Teaching using Camera Monitoring as a tool for improvement and observation.            We Teach Meditation as tools to sharpen the mind and Goal Visualization as a tool to charge the mind with positive thoughts to achieve the goals with ease.We have a teach back session where Kids  are trained  like Commandos to master the subjects with Perfection.

We are Volunteers of Vipassana International Meditation center at Igatpuri.http://www.dhamma.org/


We have motivated more than18 K people to do a ten day course in Vipassana in the last 27 years of social work.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to create a chain of Moon city mission schools space in the world.

Engage students and teachers in dynamic, hands-on exploration and discovery opportunities that strengthen knowledge in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), inspire students to pursue careers in these fields, and provide an outlet to learn and apply important life skills.

Our Vision

Our Vision is to create an Education System based on creating Inventive ,Innovative ,Scientific ,Creativity with Enterprenurship Qualities, that can be financially marketable  at an early age.

Build a scientifically literate public and shape our future leaders to help improve quality of life across the globe – not just through pragmatic teaching, but by the power of vision, inspiration, and innovation.

We plan to open a Space School in US near Kennedy Space center and three in India at Kalyan and Igatpuri & Thane in June 2021-22.     http://www.challenger.org & http://www.bcsc.org/

We work on the mental skills to make kids develop superior faculty of mind ,so that our kids can work in Space Research and development organisations like NASA,Space Explorations Program,Research in Aircraft technology etc.

We  have a Teacher – Teacher relationship with kids where they have Teach back sessions.

During Internship  we pay our  Rs 50-150 per class to those kids  who have the flair for teaching with Perfection.

The “Teacher In Space” Mission

President Reagan announces that an elementary or secondary schoolteacher would be chosen as the first “citizen passenger” to fly into space aboard the space shuttle. “I am directing NASA to begin a search in all of our elementary and secondary schools and to choose as the first citizen passenger in the history of our space program one of America’s finest: a teacher,” said President Reagan. “When that shuttle lifts off, all of America will be reminded of the crucial role teachers and education play in the life of our nation. I can’t think of a better lesson for our children, and our country.”

Monthly Power kids  Rewards

We reward our Champ Power Kids, monthly or weekly by taking them to Movies, MC Donald’s, Dominos, Urban Tadka , Poptates,Barbeque Nation,Taj Hotel, Esselworld, Bowling, IPL tickets on achievement of Target.

Current Educational Senario In The Country

Children are treated like Egyptian slaves who are made to study from 7 am till 11 pm.Children go to school where there are 30-80 students in one class.They fail to understand what is happening in class.They are scared to ask questions,fearing ridicule.Doubts are  never cleared in the class.

There is no Personal Attention given to each Childs Development which is the very purpose of Education.They end up getting poor marks which undermines their confidence.Then they are trained by the Poor Grade of Tutorials that  run in the neighbourhood .These teachers don’t have the required Mental Skills to understand  the Mind and train the  child  to maximise the results .They don’t have the power to restore the Lost Confidence  in Education in the children.

Parents are Paying 100% Fees for 100% Results.These Teachers cannot teach kids to get full marks in the exam. They are  only interested in  part time income which is their ultimate objective.

The Kids are Beaten,Scolded,Insulted ,Humiliated for Poor Performance in Exams.Nobody seems to understand the real issue.Too much of anything is bad for health.Too much of education in a day will make the child lose interest in studies.Studies become boring job for children from the lower classes.The efficiency of the child’s capability to pick up information  reduces.

The contious poor marks in exam year after year undermines the child  natural  capacity of to fight back like a Tiger.The children hate  the Education system that is supposed to make him valuable in the society.