Space Mission

USA Innovation Trips Daily Departure Mumbai from April 2019

We are taking people of all professions who are required for Moon City Mission like Engineers ,Artist,Six sigma, HR, Hotel Management,Tour operators,Kids above 4 years & Parents to USA.

We are going on a observation and learning visit to Manufacturing Visits to Boeing,Henrik Frisker Cars ,BMW,Mercedez,Trek,House Manufacturing ,Home on wheels Trailers,NASA Visitors Centers in Houston ,Alabama, Huntsville,Kennedy Space Center.California,Miami Beach,Myrtle Beach, Lion King show in Broadway,Smithsonian Museum in DC,Microsoft & Google Research labs.

We have booked hotels around the year exclusively for Indian Visitors only from Food and Security.

We have 15 hours lecture and interaction session in flight from India to USA.

We have many instruction and feedback forms filled at every juncture to make sure all the success factors are up to the mark.

We will help participants to improve on observation skills for invention and innovation which is the next step of the journey to join our mission for After school program for 10 months in RACE Innovation centers Pan India.

Out trip is highly interactive session and you will make many new friends for life.

Every hotel you will be given different room partner to help you to get friendly with all members and learn to understand different variety of people in the 30 days Innovation journey.

Our personality development trainers will help you to improve on your personality and self esteem for leadership in life.

Our observers will guide you for higher performance in life.Every step of life is a RACE for Innovation.

You will be taught Vipassana Meditation by Late Guruji SN Goenka Ji during the trip for 10 minutes daily morning and evening which will be played in flight and in all rooms in the hotels

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Please read the attached PPT for your perusal