Our Team

Anil Kumar, Director of Happy Learning Center.

Anil is a Black Belt in Six Sigma Quality professional. He worked as a chief manager in ICICI bank. He was recognized as a top most Ideator and innovator in Accenture. He wants to create a high technology personalized learning center. He believes Social Entrepreneurship can create ABUNDANCE which can create free living. he believes social responsibility is everybody’s responsibility. Anil is a vipassana meditator who has transformed more than 18000 lives through social work on week ends to create a better society.

Richa Kumar, Founder of Happy Learning Center.

Richa Anil Kumar, the founder of Happy Learning Center, and the Ambassador of US Space and Rocket center.


Mrs. Kavya Valluri (Kavya Vaddadi)

  • Aerospace Engineer,
  • Consultant
  • Design Engineer, and CFD analyst in Vaddadi Engineering Design and analysis Services (VEDAS) Company.
  • Head of Education & Awareness, Ancient Technology Division, Maarks Aerospace and Marine Services.
  • scientific advisor in London Vedic research institute

She has presented her aerospace engineering research papers in many international conferences.

She is Author of the books “Vimanas and the Wars of the Gods”

And “Reverse Engineering Vedic Vimanas”.

Her research received Appreciation from some of the famous DRDO, ISRO, NASA scientists and rocket technologists.

Her name is Recorded as“ Marvellous Design Engineer of Vimana Project, Noida”

in “Marvellous Records Book of India”.

Lectures on Vimana Shastra Given till now:

  • Space Camp by Space Society Education Research and Development in

Oakridge International School

  • GITAM University
  • Bharatam Reawakening Organization

She has 8 years experience in research on Reverse Engineering ancient aerospace technology. She has recreated Marutsakha vimana model, it is tested in Wind Tunnel at California university by (Aerospace systems Engineer) Travis Tailor, Giorgio Tsoukalos, (TV Personality, producer) and proven viable aerodynamic structure and It is flight worthy. The manufacturing of her vimana model and testing has been telecasted in the episode “Voices of the Gods” Ancient Aliens History channel.

Her Aerospace research works have also been described in some famous English and Telugu newspapers and TV shows.